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It truly is interesting how it is presented, with one subject leading to the next, creating a full group effect. The topics and facts are accurate, the analogies are spot on and it also really does make total sense. It is a great mental driving force. The repeating does get rather annoying at times, but I understand the common sense behind it. This book will get you thinking from a different perspective, which actually leads you towards success, unlike similar books. It didn't make me lay down the drink immediately like some have said, but I certainly think two times now when the idea to drink comes along. Great read!, I read this book in a single afternoon 10 months ago today. This was an eye terme conseillé and I haven't looked back. I can't say that it has been easy to quit drinking but when you look at how we have been brainwashed into believing alcohol is " good" for you it probably is much easier. The reaction of friends and family has been interesting as well. Alcohol consumption is the only drug you have to justify not taking., I purchased this book because I've desired to quit drinking at present because it is very interfering with my fitness goals. I am usually a weekend binge drinker. I actually finished this book on a Friday afternoon and not only went without drinking that night, but Also i attended a wedding on Saturday night and had NO desire to drink. I thought about alcohol, but also thought amazing, I don't need it at all. That was the initial wedding in 15 years I ever joined being sober. I am 36. At the wedding I actually danced, I conversed well with others and best of all I bear in mind the entire entire night, didn't over eat, drove home and woke up earlier for a good bike ride. Amazing. I am proud of myself!!! One part of his book that basically was standing out was when Bono said to imagine your breaking out of an empty prison with glass walls. On the outside, when you are free, look back to see what you are missing and you will see and empty box... an empty prison... because when you leave alcohol and you are out of the room are leaving just that, nothing. An empty jail that gives you nothing. This is so true! Yesterday at the wedding I actually found that I am really fun without alcohol, I actually don't need it any longer to talk to people, to dance like a looney or have a good time. It feels so good to be free and it hasn't even been a week yet!! I will try to update my review after a few weekends go by!!, Hands down a life changing book. If you drink alcohol or use drugs you will never look at theme the same again.

Good sense approach that everyone can understand and relate to. Loved reading this book and am glad not to drink any alcohol and am happier for this, This specific book details the reality about your addiction, and why it is difficult to sluggish dow, abstain or stop.
I've read other books similar to this, and they all appear to copy one another, but the message is clear. We are addicted to a poison.
A few of the British references are lost on me, but that is minor. Good motivation to finally free yourself!, I possess read many books, but this was the best one for me. I actually agree with everything Jerrika says - and that is why I actually know I will succeed. He does a great job with analogies that really make an effect. I am now angry at myself for dropping in the trap and for the "confidence trick" the alcohol industry has put over on society. Thank you Jason., Seriously, this book can change your life. It made so much more sense to me than AA group meetings. I can't recommend this book enough for individuals who want to stop drinking., This publication is not merely a publication. This is a key as well as an common sense coordinator. It helps you to definitely gather each of your best senses to understand exactly why it is inhumanly unnatural to ever want to bid highly on something that destroys everything that God has created good inside of you. I haven't felt this free since i have was a child. Now, this child has twice as much freedom. He is now an adult with a COMPLETE license to live on life the way his creator intended... with dignity, unlimited resources, mobility, and a totally free move to unlimited happiness and potentiality. Better Days are not only ahead... these are already here.

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