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However , this book was also a cute story., Enjoyed, will read the sequel., as usual well written by way of a talented story teller, We loved the characters and the growth of the H and what should have been a 5 star book became a 3. 5 star book, because I wanted more about this couple, to see his development coming into his own go home with her seeing the world as a free being with Willa by his side nevertheless the story is too short half the size of her previous textbooks, which would not be a problem if part 2 was going to be a continuation of their story not Tosh's Willa's friend. I don't pretend to know what the creators is thinking if we will get the full bodied story's we are employed to or this will be it. Still the book was good and entertaining but as We wrote it was unsatisfactory that the cliffie does not relate directly to these characters but the friends story. I am going to buy the next book in the hope the author will fulfill my expectations and provide this couple the history they deserve, but I'm doubtful., Loved it! Devoured it. Lots of action, humor, great hero & heroine - likable. The story ended on the cliff-hanger which is always aggravating. The first 2 Females of Dor Nye textbooks carried the story ahead from Book 1 to Book 2 adding characters & relationships in the 2nd - which I loved. No unfinished feeling after the 1st one ended. This story was not as complex in the development of the hero's awakening as regarding the hero's awakening in Book 1 which is too bad.
I enjoyed the sex scenes - the alien-ness of the male is not overlooked as so frequently happens n other alien romances. Its appreciated, described & relished. I'm happy to say the cover enhances too - his traits - coloring, etc are more memorable when you have a great cover!, Maybe the series starter Lucia was simply a fluke in characters.

We get that there is a running theme about liberating slaves here which is just fine. What is not fine is that the heroine is a grown lady making reckless decision after reckless decision and not thinking of the outcome.

Willa and her bff Tosh, are supposed to be responsible adult with purposeful jobs, they both toss away to go hating after some dude because pride. Seriously pride. Her rashness puts her entire crew at risk thus i located that grating. There are flawed, troubled, confused, or even weepy heroines, and still lead to a successful story line. Having a girl child with a complex, questionable morality, and no sense of consequence does not help the series. It is even insulting after reading Yarian and I'm mad that I purchased this short instead of renting it.

We care nothing for Kyran, he is basically a teen who has just learned pleasure. Strangely he is ideal for Willa, since the girl runs around acting like her parents let the woman crash the Bently and suffered no consequences. We don't even know how these two came to like each other.

When Tosh's story is released We won't be purchasing it., Very different outlook in this book. For once there is no dominance in you. Frankly, there was barely any personality to the leading male. He or she wasn't bred for personality, thought, or feeling, and had only barely begun developing any by the conclusion of the book. Willa was definitely the dominant personality. Can't say I liked her much. She was sadly short of judgement and morals, and took benefit of Kyran in a few pretty major ways. Her sense of right and wrong are severely twisted. There was very to redeem her. There was very little substance between her and Kyran and I found nothing pleasurable in reading about them. I'm glad her history is over, and albeit I'm not eager to learn about her friend I the next book., I didn't think I would like book at the beginning, but I quickly realized that I REALLY enjoyed it even though it leads to a semi-cliff hanger.

The Khyma are definitely their own men, with separate details. Able to fall in love, which Willa learns quickly. I recommend this book highly!, This is a book set in the same universe as the other books by Poppy Rhys. The female guide is independent and crews her own ship. She has an ideal friend named Tosh. Willa is a hothead who makes bad impulsive decisions. She gambles away a treasured family precious jewelry piece, and starts digging a deep hole just looking to get it back. She steals 3 Kymera, and they are computer chip implanted slaves. The author basically turns this style on its head. The male is the servant who needs rescuing by the swashbuckling rogue woman. Kyran loves Wills, she's the only kind operator he ever had. Willa eventually has the servant chips removed, and Kyran helps her break into a party to take the necklace back. Those two get away, but the villain has captured her best friend Tosh and is holding the woman for ransom. Part 2 is Tosh story.

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