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We started playing golf around 2 years ago. In that time, I've read countless books on the playing golf swing and swing dynamics to the point that I help my friends get better based on my knowledge of the golf swing; however, being typically the case, I can help others, but can't seem to help myself - until now.

I picked up this book after another lackluster performance throughout a weekend break outing in which We stopped on the 7th hole of a rounded of nine and still left since I couldn't take my poor play anymore. Typically the next day I acquired this book and began the easy to understand drills immediately thinking exactly what is the worse that could happen? I get a little better?

Well, You need to know I got a great deal better - quickly. We went from barely being able to hit my 3 hybrid to reaching it 200 yards directly, off the floor. I assumed this was one among those " good golf days" and that I would fall back into my old habits a couple of days later. This could not be further from the truth! I'm not only hitting it better and further than ever, but I'm finally able to stop thinking about reaching the ball and focusing on the game which makes it so pleasurable.

If you're a weekend break golfer like me and are able to follow the instructions in this guide, you will improve quickly and with little effort. I feel like I'm swinging about half as far back as I used to, yet I hit the ball further, higher and straighter than ever before., Best golf book actually. This is actually the first and only golf book I've actually read(and I've read more than a dozen) that really breaks down the playing golf swing into simple repeatable parts that you can build on to perform a proper swing. Almost every book and teacher AND video talks about one part of the swing without regard about what you are doing with the rest of your swing. So you fix and fix and fix and you get little improvement. This guide depends on the core body motion and adds the arms last so you can finally experience what it feels like to actually " swing" the golf club and not " hit" at the ball.
In just 10 days I was in a position to apply the lessons and beat my best rating by 6 strokes. Our swing feels effortless for the first time actually., The swing that is described in this guide still might not get you the most distance possible, but I have found (after several rounds) that it has given me much better consistency. Another point about this book would be that the author isn't very specialized, and doesn't delineate every single movement that he teaches down to the last in . or degree. Nonetheless, We have found his descriptions to be spot on in terms of the opportunities that I believe he or she is trying to get to. Finally, I might say that this is an e book that's good for someone looking to improve but without a lot of time to spend trying to get to the " perfect" swing. The positions are easy to master, and the results are quite good - if if you're looking to keep your basketball in the fairway off the tee and on the green with your method. They won't make you the longest hitter in your group, but it will help your scorecard., Like many of us the inconsistency in the swing is frustrating to say the least. Hit one shot throughout the middle then the next shot off line.
This particular is a short guide that is certainly its strong point.
Follow the instructions, do the techniques, re-read do the techniques again and build the muscle memory M. Meters. talks about and the improvement happens.
I've read a few golf lesson books as time passes find this one the best for its simplicity of wearing down the basics.
In case you have read Bobby Jones think you will find some of the way M. M. utilizes words to grasp feelings/sensations similar to how B. M. did.
Sporadic with your swing then short of multiple training with your local educating pro get this guide., I finally recovered my consistency on the fairways, without the " worm cutters". I shoot in the low 80 to middle 80's. Distance has really increased to 200 back yards on the drive. I am a 77 year old guy, who can still rotate my torso., We recently came out of two good months of low to mid-70`s models. However , I got in a funk and chance five rounds in the mid-80`s. Choice I needed to rebuild from day one to create consistency. This guide is perfect for those overly analytical types like me personally. It breaks the swing down to understandable blocks. Quite a few tips I never learned by just playing a great deal of go! f and slowly getting the feel. I've read the guide about five times and hit about 1, 000 balls to attempt to lock in the new feeling. It seems that every time I read the book, I find a new pointer that offers me some more level, distance, or control. Really happy with the money invested., Having tried to groove a repeatable and comfortable swing over years of training, practice and reading, in my worst of days I still feel uneasy over the ball, with no clue the way to get that effortless feeling back. This guide has been able to get me back to that swing feeling. This is so evidently written and presented. I have re see the early chapters a few times to get the key details. It is all stuff I have read and been told countless times, but it is is description that has made it stick. I feel very appreciative., Great guide! I have struggled years with my golf game and with this book have seen an immediate improvement in my game. It really is well written easy to understand and has drills that if done as described bring a great enhancement to your swing. I had developed almost resigned myself to be a hacker until I read this. Now my scores are bettering beyond limits Some think possible before.

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