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We are a huge fan of Mark Sisson. I read the Primal Blueprint many years ago and have been on the Primal/Paleo lifestyle since then. In the recent months, I have already been doing much research on the Ketogenic lifestyle. Whenever I saw the Tag decided to gravitate this way, it perked my interest even more. I pre-ordered this when it became available. I have already read through most of it, and am am on panel. I always prefer the way Mark takes an 80/20 approach. He adheres to in everything moderation including moderation. He encourages without making you feel like you need to be a perfectionist. I actually am 53 years old and in menopause. Seems reading a lot about the Keto diet and it's benefits on balancing hormones naturally along with the MANY other benefits associated with the lifestyle. I have been practicing for a little more than a month and already feel reaping the benefits. I feel better, never hungry and eating less, more energy, and so on..... Tag gives us very basic, extremely helpful information to help us understand this lifestyle and compares it to the Primal/Paleo. Then he gives us a menu plan and tasty, simple recipes to shoe! I cannot recommend this highly enough. Keto is promoting my life. I love it, and am love this book!!! Don't hesitate - you won't regret it!, Inside the Keto Reset Diet regime Mark Sisson and Anthony Kearns draw a poignant parallel between the human body and a higher performance car. Fueling your body with a diet high in carbohydrates as opposed to a diet high in fat does the same to our bodies as fueling a race car with low octane gas does to the car's motor. Because we have been not adapted to the second-rate fuel, our performance will eventually decline and our body or the car's motor will suffer substantial damage.
The particular Keto Reset Diet clarifies the science behind the Keto diet in depth and shows how we can reverse the damage, lose weight, prevent diabetes and cancer, improve cognitive performance and athletic endurance. The particular 21-day diet plan assists in easing the reader to the optimal form of fueling the body and 100 recipes at the ending of the book provide the reader with a whole lot of ideas how to continue the diet after the initial phase. I like that the book also addresses lifestyle in general.
For me Keto works. Since June, I actually have lost 30 pounds in 4 months, all without starving myself. I actually attribute my success to Mark Sisson, whose website I found quite a while in the past. Although it took me quite some time until I implemented his advice, Mark Sisson was your first person who showed me the way in the right way. Equipped with this book I actually can keep the momentum going and work on exercising better, getting enough sleep and reducing my stress levels., Please read the WHOLE book before you start, I was shocked that they do not speak about magnesium, potassium and added sodium until chapter 14! You will be six weeks into (a miserable) ketosis at that point! Besides that I liked the book but it may well not be the best for newbies, I would get started with Nora Gedgaudas Primal Fat Burner first, or Dr. Mercola's guide which are more comprehensive I believe, and recommend product dosages to help get through the start. Also this book recommends tracking your macros using various programs but I found the Cronometer application to be easier and you may set it for keto macros. I believe the authors believe that if you come from their 21 day paleo/ fundamental LCHF place you will not have difficulties shifting to keto but from my experience of being primal very low carbohydrate high fat for years, I still had a hard transition. (Heavy hip and legs going up stairs (fixed with potassium) diarrhea, low energy, basic keto flu) It took me six weeks of being in ketosis (checked by bloodstream ketone monitor) before I actually felt like I possibly could do my workouts again. I actually DID have to upwards my thyroid medication (even though most keto experts hate to discuss that this can happen) and I started from great sleep, primal exercise, LCHF, and a compressed eating window with the capability to do 24 hours fasts. It was hard but WORTH IT! Getting a woman with low hormones ( Working with Dr. on raising estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) I actually still craved sugar even while in ketosis (1. 5 mm on meter) but I love not being hungry, being able to go hours without eating and feeling no brain fog! I only mention all this because I don't want people to get discouraged and give up if it is harder than this book makes it seem! Where I think this book excels is shifting high carb people to lchf and then ketosis and in the sections about athletes. Very worthwhile information! Oh! One more suggestion! There is a new (as of Sept. ) blood ketone meter where the strips are much cheaper, Keto Mojo I actually think it's called. Screening your blood makes all the difference especially if you are having a hard time in the early days!, Their a nice book, prob worthy read for new Keto dieters. Its obtained sooo much good info, but was just too much for me to absorb. The people the author mentions throughout the book are well known expertise in this area so he’s definitely obtained good info in this book! Recipes weren’t excessive nor ingredients what you may can not find nowadays at the local market ( thumbs up here! ). I knockedoff a star just because, well sometimes layman's conditions are a guaranteed for a reader to understand an idea better, whereas scientific conditions can get a person confused. Total its inline with everything I have learned and continue to learn from the expertises’ direct organizations and one n one directing/coaching. Its a great book don't miss out. Gorgeous pics and some tastey looking recipes!, As a fitness trainer who helps clients achieve Ketosis, this is the best resources I actually have read on the diet. Exactly what you need to know about Ketosis is within this book. It can also very well written, easy to understand.

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