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The data is great. The writing style is rough. Really helpful if you possibly could overlook poor grammar and elegance., From the very inspiring summary of the methodical teaching of the principals, to the practical implementations, Siim does humanity a favor by which makes it easy to really enhance your health. I was 4 days into ketosis, and I taking much of my appetite that makes it easy for me to fast from 8PM or earlier to noon or later with little or no effort. I have never been able to fast before in my lifetime. I think as I get past the fat version phase, that I will be able to expand my fasting. The diet is super tasty too. The sole thing missing that We see is a listing of the best sweeteners to use on this diet, but that is pretty easy to google. I mix erythritol with a few drops of liquid stevia and it really likes like sugar minus the aftertaste. If I use erythritol with powdered stevia, not so good. Good luck on your journey. It is so worthwhile!, Siim's Keto Starting a fast is a well investigated (89 references) book, the very first quarter covering ketosis, what, why a person would want to be in ketosis the ketogenic diet and how to get into ketosis with the majority of the rest of the book focusing on starting a fast, using it with ketosis to achieve better all around health and possibly a longer life. He covers both ketosis and fasting in detail using both clear prose explanations as well as helpful color diagrams. Here are a few of the topics he covers: the role of hormones in ketosis, autophagy, the three major nutrients (carbohydrates, fats and protein) and their appropriate proportions in a ketogenic diet), the minor nutrients and supplements needed, the variation between a low carb and a ketogenic diet. He provides a section with keto friendly recipes. He details the several settings of intermittent fasting such as 24 hour fasts (one meal a day at supper), the of sixteen: 8 fast (wherein a person skips breakfast), the warrior way as well as longer fasts. Siim explains the benefits of starting a fast, speaking from general observations. Altogether, Keto Fasting is a good in-depth intro to and clear explanation of ketosis and starting a fast and how these brothers-in-arms can be utilized by the reader to improve her or his diet, into the life., I found this book to be very well written and informative. It can easy to read without weighing you down with a bunch of unnecessary scientific explanations. (Yes of course there's some things that need to be explained) I learned new approaches to handing keto flu. I like the concise 'this is what you will need to know' manner of writing. Very good! I was extremely surprised to determine how young the author is in comparison to his knowledge!, This book is awesome. Far exceeded my expectations. Synthesizes a lot of important things that has been coming out about health lately including things like cold direct exposure. Even down to the philosophy of all things. Very pleased to own it. Good job on self submitting man! Good writing too. Thanks., Just started using it... I like how it makes me feel. The buzz but not the " keto flu". I wish they made a bigger meal. But I like it. I'm not signing up on the stick or breathalyzer, but I know how keto feels... We like it and will try peaches and ointment next., I stumbled across Siim once i was reading his book on keto bodybuilding and was absolutely surprized. This one is another great read. Highly informative and the approach of keto + fasting is an incredibly powerful and energizing combo. Highly recommend looking over this!, Boring and it can pre-highlighted. It's informative but very repetitious. I skimmed it and recommend Leanne Vogel's approach to IF and Ketogengic diet because:
1 . Interesting and well written
2. She's an avowed dietitian
3. Quick interesting informative & tested recipes included.

This book is a fail. Don't even DL for free on kindle unlimited. It's a waste to see a book by a 22 yr old with no official education in nutrition.

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