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ALRIGHT, I love these conspiracy theory books. And lets be honest, JFK and Marilyn Monroe killed because they were going to whack the lid open about UFO's being real? It doesn't get more fun than that. There are some interesting facts delivered out by the author, especially regarding Kennedy and his possible connection with Navy Intelligence, and I can see Eisenhower acting the way in which he is described in the book (his threat to invade the then unknown Area 51 with the US Army is priceless). But as typical with the conspiracy books, there are leaps of logic our company is asked to consider with no real proof except copies of secret documents where the originals no longer exist and that kind of thing. Still, if you are a UFO buff or a conspiracy theory fan, this will load a hole in your own life and you will enjoy the story. And who knows, if even 20% of it is true, then there really is something ugly to the story., Great read filled with information that I at sixty five years old was only briefly aware of. It really is truly amazing how much we, the everyday populace, only know about. The particular more I read books like this, the greater I actually realize how much energy corrupts. The only problem I have with the author is that they usually tend to repeat points over and over several times., As someone with a library on the JFK assassination, I actually purchased the Kindle Guide version as a kind or lark after slugging through some pretty heavy research on another subject. I thought it would be light entertainment. To my surprise I found reliable research related to the author's speculations. Readers who are considering more prosaic views of the killing and those considering UFO studies will find this book informative., This book is very informative historically and makes many connections with JFK and the darkness group known as "MJ-12". I won't spoil it for you but it can interesting to determine just how involved JFK was on the UFO topic. This specific must be one of the most uniquely written perspective on why JFK was murdered., The book experienced great and usefull examen for my research. YET.. like so many UFO and other such freelance writers. Michael Sally was way too repetitive...
He kept saying the same things over and over - ad nausium. Seems like he was trying to convince themselves of the verasity of his statements or...
He feels in some way that readers are certainly not getting it! Got really tiresome to read..., This book should have been on the market 50 years ago. It may have changed the public view of politicians and extraterrestrials. It is sad so a long time have passed before the truth is revealed. I highly recommend this guide to anyone who dares to consider for himself/herself., I'll be truthful, I saw this book in the Kindle store for awhile and was always tempted to buy it but resisted thinking the whole idea that Kennedy's assasination had anything to do with his wanting to divulge UFO secrecy was far fetched. I offered in thinking the book wasn't that long so let me see what's wriiten here. I must confess I was surprised by the content in that it was well written and explained in a plausable manner using what shows up to be some reliable reserach. I write shows up to be solid research because specific executive requests and official directives are sighted as evidence. I actually didn't cross reference to confirm these after reading the book.. If the directives and the research are true then the book is very compelling }. Simply toward the last, I would say quarter of the book do things become redundent at times. Points that were explained before are re explained as if the reader experienced never been exposed to a given subject in the book. This I actually found annoying. I can't say that everything in the book was as it happened, I believe some guess work was involved in some instances and some outright out on a limb guess work, specifically with regard to Marlyn Monroe's death that we won't go into here for fear of spoiling things for future readers. Overall the book was a fairly easy read and kept me approaching back for more. Jim Eco-friendly, E. Setauket NY, Inside "Kennedy's Last Stand, " Michael Salla makes the case that MJ-12 purchased the assassination of Leader Kennedy and that the CIA implemented that order, but his book is marred by poor enhancing and excessive repetition and speculation. Many other books have made the situation for CIA involvement in the JFK assassination, but this is the first book to my knowledge that ties MJ-12 to the killing. Salla does this by citing various documents who have recently been leaked to UFO scientists regarding JFK, MJ-12, and UFOs, including the infamous "burned memo, " the MJ-12 assassination directive apparently prepared by former Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles in the summer of 1961 for six other unnamed MJ-12 members and implemented by CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton. He makes a compelling case that JFK was killed because his efforts to determine about MJ-12's covert activities and also to declassify top secret UFO files been seen in as a threat to the company existence.

Unfortunately, the book is marred by spelling and grammatical errors that should have been chosen up in editing. There is also a great deal of unneeded repetition in the book, with major themes being constantly repetitive throughout. Lastly, in some instances unsupported speculation operates rampant in the book. JFK and James Forrestal might have discussed classified UFO information in 1945, but we have no way of knowing for sure. Likewise, we now have no way of knowing if JFK and Eisenhower discussed MJ-12 in their private meetings for certain. They might or might not have. Who else knows? There are no minutes available for those discussions. Also, Salla brands the alleged members of MJ-12 in 1961 as if he knows for certain who they were, but he can't know that. While it's clear from the "burned memo" that Allen Dulles was the Director of MJ-12 at the time (MJ-1), there's no way to know without a doubt who MJ-2 through MJ-7 were. The particular only logical conclusion that could be made is that the surviving users of MJ-12 who have been outlined in the 1952 Eisenhower Briefing Document might well have remained members and retained their designations in 1961, but there is no way to know very well what new members may have joined in the ensuing years other than Dulles.

Despite the criticisms above, I would recommend this book to anyone who is considering getting to the bottom of the JFK assassination and it is not aware of the likely MJ-12 (and CIA) role in his murder. If you are wedded to traditional theories of who had been in charge of the assassination and why, you're in for a serious surprise!

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