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Wow goodness me, just once i thought this series could not get better Amy goes and hits me up with Booker Harris and VERY HOT DAMN, he was absolutely everything and more.

Booker and Poppy are best friends, ever since Booker’s eye landed on the woman with the dirty dress he knew they’d be friends forever. Hearing about their childhood is so incredibly adorable and left me in awe. These were so cute. After that one horrible night ending with Poppy leaving for Germany she finally comes back six years later, ready to continue using their friendship and watching them do so is like a damn rollercoaster ride. six year apart is going to bring change and these two definitely notice the changes and it’s fun to watch these two discover them.

Booker broke my damn heart with how he feels towards love, I would like to place him in my arms and squeeze the heck out there of him. The weak lad knows loss and fears love, that needs to be extremely hard to love with.

Just about any those other Harris brothers and sister and dad make an appearance and I damn well loved it. This series wouldn’t be the same of ALL of the Harris’ weren’t mentioned in it eventually, especially the twins and vi. The twins (Tanner and Camden) are absolutely hilarious when put together and Mire, she’s such a lovely sister always trying to help and that’s beautiful to see even when she’s interfering too much lol.

Oh and let’s no forget aboot Claire, I loved that man so hard and the fact that Amy nailed that Scottish accent had me grinning so damn hard, it was freaking perfect!

Amy Daws has blew myself away with yet another amazing book, I simply can NOT await Gareth, his story will probably be epic, I can just feel it. Once again, all the damn stars for this Harris bro!, Keeper is book 3 in the Harris Brothers series but it can absolutely be read as a standalone, though I would highly recommend reading one other books. If you start with Keeper, I bet you’ll when you go back to begin at the beginning because you’ll want to know more about one other Siblings in the Harris family.

Anyway, back to Keeper. Keeper is about Booker, the youngest Harris Buddy, is moving in to a new flat and convinces his childhood best friend, Poppy, to stay with him while she waits for her lease contract to open up. Poppy moved abroad (to Germany) abruptly after high school graduation leaving Booker completely buggered as to why she relocated. There are likely to be adjustments to living with your childhood best friend especially after not seeing the other for 6 years.

This was absolutely one of my favorite Amy Daws’s books. Not only is Booker a dreamy Harris Brother, which you know produces a great history, but I loved how involved Booker’s family was in this story. All of us get to see a lot of the littermates through flashbacks, Sunday dinners, moral support and bothering the other as only they do best.

Poppy is such a fun personality and I loved getting to know her. Amy’s perfect mix of hotness, humor and angst produces an addictive read. I will be already looking forward to listening to this history in audio because I actually think it’ll be even better., Booker and his life span best friend Poppy reunite after six years apart. Can their friendship pick up where they left it all those years ago. Booker thinks so, but Poppy isn't so sure, she wants it to become more. Yes, this is a sporty romance, but you need not be a fan to enjoy this book, the sport aspect is low. The heart, on the other hand, is bursting from the seams. This isn't an alpha bad boy player book. Nor is it about a lost broken damaged girl looking to be saved. This is definitely about accepting and admitting you can love. A friends to lovers romance. There are some humorous moments, but really the emotion that is in this book is what makes it great.: ) This book definitely has the 'sweet' factor. =)

The character types are lovable and real. The writing is great. It reads easily and quickly and flows smoothly. The sex scenes are limited and never at all smutty.

It book will go hand in hand with 'Endurance' and 'Challenge. ' Each book follows a different Harris brother. Yet each can be easily read as a remain alone. Though if you plan on reading them all, I'd read them in that order... just to not ruin any surprises!; ), Amy Daws has such a way with words, and am always soak them up like a sponge. Her Harris brothers books always leave me with a huge smile on my face, and I fall so deeply in love with each new book she produces. Booker Harris has taken the number one spot in my center, and Poppy made myself develop a massive woman crush. I love this friends to lovers history a lot, and the trip i was taken on brought out all the can feel. I cried more in this book than I actually had in Tanner and Cam's books, but I actually of course laughed too. These 2 broken spirits are perfect for every single other, if only the can work through their fears and insecurities to realize it! Now I sit here, anxiously awaiting more from this spectacular author, knowing that her words will always be a balm on my soul, whatever insanity is going on in real world.

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