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Coming-of-age manga, manga about the Shinsengumi, and manga about girls disguised as boys are all plentiful, but manga that combines the three is somewhat more unique. For instance, while the key character develops a smash on one of the woman comrades and it's obvious that love will play an important role in future volumes, romance itself isn't the point of the story. Getting a boyfriend isn't even a blip on Seizaburo's adnger zone, and it's nice to get a manga that recognizes the truth that women are capable of thinking about other items. Typically the fact that Sei is a girl isn't really the point, either. Mcdougal has currently placed her path to becoming a bushi because the plot's most important element.

The characters in Kaze Hikaru aren't especially complex however actions are interesting create the story worth following anyway. Seizaburo, for example, is serious, strong-willed, loyal, slightly naive, easily likeable, and less complex than background characters like Hijikata and Serizawa (the waters here aren't running particularly deep) -but is immediately disillusioned by the crude Mibu-Roshi and attempts to leave the group. This really is partly a coming-of-age manga, though, which means she'll learn many lessons, and all of them will be figured out the hard way.

Plot development is merely as important as character development in Kaze Hikaru, and the writer has attempted to be traditionally accurate. The simple but pleasing character designs do not include pink, blue, or green hair, eyes are mostly proportional to face sizes, and viewers are given information about the Shinsengumi's history. Presently there might actually be more historical accuracy than some die-hard shoujo fans might wish, but most people should find it interesting.

The manga does have its faults, though they aren't anything truly gruesome. Seizaburo doesn't understand that she has a crush on someone, which isn't especially believable, the comedic facets of the story are well-done but sometimes timed inappropriately, there are a few pretty corny lines, and they also went somewhat crazy with the bolded words. In addition ,, there wasn't anything glaringly bad. A warning, though: while Seizaburo makes a good role model for girls, the tromba may not be suitable for young readers due to violence, crude jokes, and a graphically-mild scene of tried rape.

All in all, Kaze Hikaru was an enjoyable read that was definitely worth buying. Typically the story has a lot of potential, and future volumes should prove thrilling., Sei is a young woman in Japan in the mid-nineteenth century. Her family is killed in this tumultuous time and Sei is frustrated that she can do practically nothing to avenge her family's death. She does the only thing she are able to do - she cuts her curly hair, disguises herself as a boy, and signs up with a group of samurai to search for her family's killer.

We know very little about this time period in Western history - called the bakumatstu - and in some ways that's good and in some ways it is not. We do learn some about the history from the series but more often I get confused by the very specific information that is referenced. Typically the notes in the back again clear things up a little, but I for starters could use about two times the notes than they provide. You are able to enjoy the series if you can bad over the specifics, which I do, or you could be frustrated. Or you can decide on up some non-fiction about the samurai of the bakumatsu and it would not be an issue either way.

The romance trumps the violence in this series, so that it is more appropriate for teen or older viewers and girls more than boys., 'Kaze Hikaru' really surprised me. I generally dislike shoujo because of the amount of fluff and drama that tends to be present in such stories, but 'Kaze Hikaru' is nothing like that.

This specific mangaka does her historical homework, and also really does an admirable job of fleshing out the characters and retaining the reader's interest. Plotting, pacing, and conflicts are all very well-rendered and believable. We just finished the thirteenth volume and can't wait for the next one.

Pick this series up. You won't be sorry., Kaze Hikaru does have a lot in common with Rurouni Kenshin, which female compared to. They are set in the same time period and the characters are samurai. But Kaze Hikaru stands on its own. I like the art style better. The girl-dressed-as-a-boy plot is a cliche, but Watanabe can make it interesting again with characterization and humor. Typically the series is young but its a good one. I highly recommend.

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