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“Two Pigtails on the Pillow” - If that chapter title from a guide about the great Reformer, Martin Luther, doesn’t intrigue you, what would? Really, the book is about much more than Martin Luther; it’s about the woman behind the man: Katharina Luther, the runaway deshalb he married.

Michelle DeRusha’s new book, Katharina and Martin: The Radical Marital life of any Runaway Nun and a Renegade Monk, is an amazing look at life and marriage in the 1500’s, yet deeply important to us today as a result of influence of Luther on Protestantism and its doctrines regarding marriage. DeRusha highlights their relationship and the results marriage had on him or her as a person and his work as a Reformer. Luther, a previous monk and already leading in the Reformation when he got married, in the end affected, perhaps even defined, the Protestant view of marriage we hold today.

Like nearly all of us, what Luther said and wrote about marriage and the inner dynamics of his actual marriage, were sometimes at odds. I found that comforting. If Luther was sometimes not practicing what he preached about marriage, well…that means on-the-job-training is probably to be expected for the rest of us.

DeRusha has delved deeply into the academic works written by and about Luther, but in her book, she produces for all of us. It reads like a work of fiction, storyline and character driven, compelling the reader to keep turning the pages. A fresh story, first and main. I found myself having to remind myself this was a work of non-fiction. Katharina and Martin are alive to the reader. Through their words, we see them working through frustrations with people in their community, their worries for every single other, their grief after the loss of life of their daughter, and even their questioning of their faith in that most difficult time.

Luther wasn’t in love when he married Katharina; and most probably, she wasn’t either, but over time, the partnership grew to be one of endearing care, great mutual respect, and lively banter. In the end, it got all the hallmarks of a happy, love-filled marriage. Luther said, “Marriage would not always run smoothly; it is just a chancy thing. One has to commit oneself to it. ” He do and she did, and several children and years later, these two transformed the institution for all of us.

As a runaway nun, marriage was mandatory for a lady of this time as she had no legal status or way of helping herself. Luther had no intentions of marriage but tried to help Katharina and the other errant nuns find suitable friends. At one point, he encourages her to marry another man who she finds unappealing and she flatly refuses; but indicates she would marry Luther! That kind of spirit and strength was exactly the sort of woman a person like Martin Luther will have to run his home, rear his children, and entertain and host his a great number of houseguests - up to fifty at a time!

DeRusha’s book is full of amazed, candor and humor. A new worthy read and a fun read all at the same time., Michelle DeRusha has written an informative and fascinating guide on the personal life of Katharina and Martin Luther. There were so many tidbits of information about them in this book. Such as the truth that Katharina escaped from the Cistercian Convent. Could you imagine being a rebel nun who selected to escape in those times?
Michelle's storyline maintains a fast pace pulling you in from starting to end. Her style of writing is informative yet inviting and friendly. It begs the readers to ask, " What's next"!
Although there is little direct historical information about Katharina and Martin's personal life, Michelle brings Katharina to life as a real woman and equal partner to Martin. She threads together Martin and Katharina's devotion to each other and God.
The font, spacing and layout selected with this book makes it a comfortable, " easy on the eyes" read.
Anyone considering biographies or the reformation period of history or is merely wanting to read an historical account of two great lives, this is the book for you!, Loved this book more than I thought I would. DeRusha's style of writing makes Katharina and Luther's story become more active. Even though it's peppered with footnotes, it reads like fiction. If you're like me and didn't realize (or remember) there was a Mrs. Luther, you'll find her story really interesting. She was a women's libber before there was women's lib. And Martin's views on women (and marriage) were very intensifying for his time. Become careful - you is just not want to stop reading once you begin., My spouse passed this informative guide to me. I discovered much about Luther himself and his views. The particular social life of the middle ages shocked myself in deficiency of women's legal rights. The author treats the subjects fairly yet sympathetically. The writing lacks fictional flair but is informative and interesting. Certainly really worth your time in 2017!, Do like the guide. It had been educational as well as a good tale. Felt like the creator did some research. Would certainly recommend it to people considering the Reformation Period., Very good-not a historical romance, but a good read for a religious history nut. It really explains a lot about Martin Luther and reveals him or her as a genuine caring husband., So very interesting. Much to ponder. Properly written, Very good read

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