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This type of tragedy is hard to fathom. Karen Spears Zacharias has done a wonderful job of making Karly come alive for the reader.
This guide packs an excellent punch.
We all need to watch and listen more to the children we come in contact with. Heed the signs of abuse the author has listed.
I don't think for starters second that the mother might have been so completely ignorant of what was happening. Disgrace onto her.
I pray that David discovers happiness and some type of healing.
I also realize the toll of putting this in writing must have taken on the author. I am a lady of strong faith... a mother, a grandmother, and just recently, a great grandmother.
This particular is a hard guide to read but I take comfort in knowing that Karly are never harm again.
Our god bless the child., It was well written and researched. It is so very sad what this little girl experienced at the hands of such a monster. In addition to how this mother did not help this little girl. How she flipped a blind eye to the events leading upwards to the murder of this important little girl. Now she moves on like it is a thing of the earlier. She also should have been charged with at the least... endangering the welfare of a child. But in order to get a conviction you have to make a deal to get the testimony of someone quality to admit what they ignored. Such a sad order of events., This particular book was, for me, very difficult to read, and I finished up skimming the last two-thirds. I was interested in learning how Karly died and the end result of the trial. We are surprised that the book received so many positive reviews because I found so much fault with the writing, the structure, the repetitiveness, and the long-windedness. A good true crime guide finds a fair balance between including details of the story and following a timeline of the salient facts to the denouement. This author did a huge amount of research. She learned every time Karly's parents and other characters sneezed, and he or she included every sniffle. A great deal information was laid out there for the reader that was unnecessary which did not contribute to the reader's comprehension of what occurred. This is a indication of any writer who won't know any way to tell a story other than to include every scrap details can find. At the same time, her analysis is paper thin, in order that the reader plows via a ton of trivia, and never finds out the requirements of the story. Why did Karly die? What city or county officials were at fault and why did they fail in saving Karly? How could Karly's father David allow the abuse to continue? How could he leave town for extended travel knowing Karly was being mistreated? If the local officials and doctors were refusing to act and weren't making rational decisions why weren't outsiders and legal experts brought in to force them to take action to save this sensitive three year-old? The questions go on and on, but the author was too busy with the daily minutia of life to see the real picture == the forest, not the trees., This book influenced me for weeks after reading it. I then went online and saw pictures of this beautiful little girl. How could this happen??? Why was her horrible mother not prosecuted???? Another failed government system., This is an very powerful book. The tale is so disturbing, leaving far more questions than answers. Very hard to read and incredibly painful. Our heart goes out to all who were touched and implicated in this experience. It is powerful reading for all those working in child abuse to question their initial assumptions with which they approach their work. And it is powerful reading for those of us who live in a community of children where it is sometimes much easier to stay noiseless than take action. As such we are all complicit, Unbelievable that Sarah received no charges for the torture and homicide of her beautiful child. She's as guilty as Shawn is.
Karen Spears Zacharias is a outstanding writer and storyteller. I am unable to stop considering about Karly. She actually is haunting my dream., I ran across Karly's story by chance but when I saw a book available I bought it. Because it is written by someone who knew the participants it is more compelling and brings out there deeper feelings in the reader because of that personal connection. I know this story was difficult to write and i also applaud her for her valor as well as her writing skills., I actually saw this on one of the shows on cable and had to read the book. The particular mother in the tale was such a sorrowful unemotional person during the interview. My heart bleeds for her father Jesse, Karly should have never died like that her mother should have recently been aware. But she was too busy out having fun letting that tourner manage her daughter. This kind of a sad story Now i'm glad he got his time in jail. Just he didn't live long enough to suffer.

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