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Christal-san, moukarimakka?

I'd rate Kansai Cool 5 stars even if Christal didn't talk about my own book in the intro. This publication is a unique, insider look into the many worlds of Kyoto culture. Though I lived in Japan for many years, this guide took me to places I've never recently been, with wonderful writing and great insights.

This publication is for someone already intimate with Japan but thinking about the nooks and crannies of Kyoto. The book appears to be mostly an anthology of columns she wrote for the Yomiuri. Nothing wrong with that, each part is just a couple of pages, which makes for easy quick reading.

I did, however, have two criticisms: Very first, there were a remarkably large number of typos and some factual errors. Also, since just read was newspapers articles, there were references to current events that are no longer current and a small amount of editing would have helped to make it more suitable as an e book. In case Tuttle prints another release, I hope they go through and fix these things.

Second, despite the title "Kansai Cool" this is mostly a publication on Kyoto culture. The regions of the book that work best are when Christal takes us right behind the scenes in Kyoto, the vegetable market for instance , or the Edison worship. It's clear that the lady lived in Kyoto and spoke daily with the people there. Certainly, Kyoto is a lovely, lively city that I visited whenever I could. But Osaka, Kobe, and Nara, all have their own stories, even towns like Sakai or Amagasaki are steeped in history and have a culture all their own that I would like to have learn about. The publication would have more correctly been titled "Kyoto Cool", though I do wish that Christal does at some point write a second quantity that brings the same amount of insights to the rest of the region.

Ookini for this great book!, Whether you are a devoted scholar of Japanese culture, a informal tourist to Japan and have absolutely never had any previous interest in Japan, you will find this guide fascinating.

It could easily have wound up simply as a collection of stories about the bizarre things the Japanese do and sold many copies purely on entertainment value. The lasting value of this publication is the understanding the author brings to her readers about how exactly these phenomena arose and why they reflect the heart and spirit of the Western people.

Whether this publication is used as a travel guide, required reading fro students of Japanese culture or purely for entertainment, Kansai Cool is unrivaled by anything written to date., Wide-ranging views of how modern meets traditional in Japan's heartland. Written by an anthropologist living in Japan., Interesting.... a few new facts I didn't know. I love the Kansai region.... go at the very least twice a year., I possess visited Japan several times through the years, each time inadequately unprepared. On each of your visit, We came away with a superficial comprehension of the experience. Needless to say, this has happened to myself elsewhere too, but it seemed especially valid for Japan, which will not lack in distinctiveness. Of course , We was awed by the enticing beauty of long lasting gardens, the enchanting complexities of temples and shrines, or the handsome simplicity of houses in old villages. But what else? Just what lay beneath it? We was nearly clueless, although suspicious of ready conclusions. What things to make of such puzzling sights as statuettes of beckoning cats or a profusion of stylized dolls? Inside my ignorance, We was at a damage to know and therefore to enjoy much of what I was exposed to. Wherever would I turn now, assuming that I have figured out this lesson? Tourist guidebooks, literary tomes, skimpy brochures? Not my style.

Luckily, a considerable alternative is now at hand in the form of a delightful and highly original book, “Kansai Great. ” Whelan, an experienced student and notable commentator of Japanese culture, provides us a unique guide for the visitor to Japan. It resembles nothing We have ever encountered in this sort of books. There is depth and insight here, as well as gentle handholding and an imaginative choice of matters. In a short quantity, the author presents a number of sketches that deal with nature, background, present-day culture, industry, religion, and more. The publication deals explicitly with the cultural heartland Japan, the Kansai plain, including such celebrated sites as Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. Even though Whelan emphasizes the originality of this region, this guide is conducive to the appreciation of the sleep of Japan as well. Be prepared for surprises and charming idiosyncrasies. Whelan somewhat whimsically shares her scrutiny of roles played in Japanese society by an array of cultural icons that include bamboos, fashion, coffee, robots, anime, and, be prepared, toilets. Each sketch has a quick section entitled “Practical Information, ” material that would or else be hard to find.

Is a tourist guide, several musings by an insightful observer, or a philosophical romp though the foundations of a culture? To be able to say the least, it can all the above. This is not your usual “cultural journey. ” Instead, it provides insights in an imaginative and conducive manner. To know, it may well be a new genre in the making., In case nothing else, it would be possible to state that Kansai Cool is merely extremely fun and enjoyable to see. But the book is much more than that. Its 25 chapters are exceptionally well written with great wit, humor, level of sensitivity and intelligence. The author that has lived for many years in Japan also writes colorfully about her personal and genuine life changing activities through her long exposure to Japanese culture. This book obviously shows that Japanese traditions are worth knowing and understanding because they offer a fresh and diverse angle on the whole spectrum of human traditions unknown to nearly all Americans. This kind of direct exposure to `difference' may also serve as a technique on the path to self-discovery as it brings us in contact with a richer and further dimension of our own own being. I recommend this guide to anyone who believes that life always becomes more potent through contact with and comprehension of the traditional beliefs of other cultures. We am thankful to Christal Whelan for focusing her scholarly expertise on the rich Japanese traditions and for bringing the huge reservoir of such a deep culture to all of us in an enjoyable and simply readable book.

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