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We purchased this to the vendor " shawnek" and arrived so fast, I'm very thankful.
I am a large fan of Kannazuki and having the tromba Personally i think like heaven, is actually a beautiful story and the books came in perfect condition, the book is taller than We thought and has a few color pages, The really nice manga., could use some more yuri action, but nice., nice story, recommend to anyone that likes yuri or shoujo-ai manga, Excellent thanks, You can view the story's description complementarily listed by Amazon... We honestly don't feel like bothering by it...

By the way, this review is from someone who has never seen the cartoons.

I was rather reserved on picking this course upwards as I've always found the mecha component cheesey & clunky. & indeed, I ended up coming back this manga back to the store: an utter first for this comic-fanatic.
A deep & pure bond between 2 young & confused women embracing a sci-fi aura they could never possibly grasp... I was hoping that this was what the series promised, that this could overcome my distaste for mecha.
Turns out, eje or no, Kannazuki No Miko is just bad manga, basic & simple.

Where should I begin? First of all, this is not a science-fiction as the product claims itself to be, but instead an incoherent fantasy, a very-very incoherent fantasy. The storyline is a mess, making only tiny slivers of sense and carries absolutely no organic and natural rhythm. Threads weave in & away of each other on a whim, & the effect is a poorly written script & a cheeseball storyline.
One & only highlight of this entire volume is the actual previous 4 pages, which while mildly erotic can't compensate for the mundane the rest.
This is the stereotype manga: big-eyed chicks making-out & huge robots & nuttin' more!

Another issue is the very weak & crippling characterizations. It's quite apparent that the authors winged the motivations & personalities for their characters, as if already bored of their design. There is a men character--who I honestly may care to consider the name of--who is infatuated with Himeko because we were holding friends as children. We have been advised this... but we do not see this. Is there a reason that the writers couldn't donate a webpage to a flashback? Exactly how am I meant to have any investment in this character or genuinely buy his lust? From the hollow & flavorless characterization.
& the 2 main characters, Himeko & Chikane, outside of me recalling their names aren't much better.
The evil doers... who cares? I positive don't. Their bizzare happy-go-lucky nature sure did destroy what tiny sense of tension existed though...
& then there is the classic scene of the timid woman tripping & being caught by her love interest. Haven't we all seen that a thousand times...

Lastly is the fatally flawed art.
The paneling of this manga is helplessly terrible. As I already stated, Male Character X isn't even granted a single -panel of flashback. & the over-long dialog invades every crevasse. It seems that for each and every panel there are at least 3 discussion bubbles, & it's highly distracting & way too occupied. The manga tells, but never shows. It sensed like such empty emotion, why did it even bother having pictures?
Perhaps the history would make sense... perhaps the characters could define themselves... if only the pacing were just a nip better.
The particular character designs are also sub-par, so cliché m I rolled my eye.

Everything about this series is below mundane. However, hardcore yuri fans should avoid this mediocre chaos... unless you want to pay 11 bucks for 4 pages..., I bought this interesting manga at Barnes&Noble after finding away it was "yuri" and this said series was being mentioned a lot.
I was a little excited after finding away this was made by the person who made "Steel Angel Kurumi".
That made me check it out...


Automated programs. Robots, robots, robots! (Mechas, if you wish to call them that)
They are everywhere, even taking an entire page for themselves.

These things which really were not needed in the plot were just extra for mecha fans.

Truth be told, this story could've been more understandable if there weren't mechas in the story that no one even cared for.

As i have said before, this is YURI, so, if you do not know what it means... research it. And if it shouldn't seem like your cup of tea, tend not to buy it.

The particular plot for this is a bit... off at times, but you'll understand it down the road.

Wow, I can't help it. The designs for the girls are extremely adorable, which makes the manga better. The fellas, well, they're plain.

Some other things:
... forget about robots. Please, no more. We could've done without, thank you.

Overall, this is an okay tromba. But be careful, because this book bears a MATURE CONTENT banner., Most certainly not a fairly easy manga for one new to the manga/anime world. It is rather messily put with each other. There's not much backstory, and a little a lot of giant robot fight scenes XP But overall, I believe it requires a little of imagination. The particular author gives you a sort of chart for the story, the remainder is packed in in your brain. I rather liked it, though it's not in my top ten. Most definitely not for the weak of heart, or for yuri-phobes. It's also a little confusing, as the mangaka appears to dance about. But from the cute and somewhat dark story that's easily enjoyable, unless you start searching for depth.

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