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Right after reading Volume 4, I had been intrigued by its shock ending with the Little league in shambles. With the team at its lowest, I had to know very well what came next for the characters. Sadly, Volume 5 does not dive right in, we get to know the enemy somewhat and learn about their world and motivation. Outside of Cybrog, the Justice League are absent for their own title and in there place is a group called the Metal Men. Nevertheless, this Volume sets up what should be a fantastic confrontation in Volume 6th, the same confrontation I had been hoping for when I actually read through this volume level was pushed back and what we received felt like filler. As it stands, not much was resolved and the world is still in the same terrible situation it was still left in during the activities of Volume 4 with the League down 3-0 facing elimination., Well, it didn't suck. Most of the stories were only a little bland. Short snippets of alternate realities that don't really matter soon... not my cup of tea.

I actually did like what was done with the Metal Men, though. Funny, since I actually hated the last version I read of them. Their story brought this up from a 2 to a 3. Therefore , if you do decide on this up and get bored early, skip ahead to their piece. Is actually totally worth the read., Geoff Johns..... Cant Fail..... Great Series
Definitely Pick This Collection Up.... I Would Start At Vol. 1 Yet You Could Jump On Here Too.... I Merely Wished He'd Have Stayed With The Aquaman Collection Too, But, Someone Had To Save Superman In addition to Geoff Is The Guy!, This volume has already been my personal favorite so far. Brutal enemies, great artwork, and I loved the Steel Men. Very excited to start out the next volume!, Typically the third piece in the " Trinity Trilogy" shows more back story and side story to the main action than anything more. I truly enjoyed this once we got past viewing Ultraman's parents on Planet 3's Krypton. Jor-Il was just... too... ridiculously, over-the-top mean. I could deal with him being an ass but to look at his year-old child and talk a great deal about how exactly disgustingly frail the little one is. I mean, seriously, the actual hell did he expect?!? I couldn't help but wonder if this man had never seen a child before.

Beyond that, though, the rest of the story was very good. I loved all the origin stories of the Crime Syndicate, Owlman's being the coolest and most fun. The entire thing with Cyborg and the Metal Men... just excellent!, My advice is to get the Forever Bad full story because there is a humungous gap between volume 5 to volume 6. I received the two volumes and generally sat there and sensed sorry for myself because I didn't look into getting the complete story before I acquired them. I actually had to look on Wikipedia and get the summary of Forever Bad before I read Justice League volume 6. Within my honest opinion you probably don't even need volume 5 unless you want to know very well what the Offense Syndicate's Origins are and you like the Steel Men a lot., Our handicapped brother loved this book!, I found this publication to be more about activities that are considerable to the main story arch, not necessarily showcasing the JLA themselves. Cyborg is the only member around to try and save them. Some great potential in this writing. Like a book itself it merits 5 stars, though I can see why some would give it 4. While their is an absence of the core team. The stories are relevant and really fun. An idea would be maybe to tell each personality back story at appropriate instances as opposed to all at once. These just keep getting better! a MUST ACQUIRE!!! for JL fans. keep em coming!

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