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Proper rights Inc: The Avenger Volume One by Dynamite Entertainment with Mark Waid and Ronilson Freire

This graphic novel reintroduces Richard Holly Benson and the team of Justice, Inc. From their secret base on a forgotten lower Manhattan block—Bleek Street—they wage a battle against those who would make crime their business.

Benson was once a man with a wife and daughter, an adventurer who traveled the world. But an inhuman crime boss took Benson’s wife and girl and tried to make him believe they never existed. Cracking under the strain he became a figure of whipcord and flame—more pitiless than both.

The mental strain influenced his body as well turning his black curly hair white and his epidermis a grey color that looked like a dead man. Worst of was his face, the flesh deceased and malleable as clay-based. Benson cannot smile or express any emotion. Yet it made him a master of disguise without equal
Now the man who trained Benson in conceal visits Bleek Street and unexpectedly betrays The Avenger and company. A mad scientist has uncovered the formula of invisibility. Many men translucent, their brains, eyes, and major blood ships all that shows. Worse the madman has managed to make invisible weapons. The process of turning the men into monsters is permanent, and always ends in madness.

Now one of The Avenger’s crew has been turned and Benson must find a remedy before the madness destroys them.

The 2nd story in the book involves espionage, and reintroducres Agent Don Early on who has been The Avenger’s foil on several occasions. As usual Early on will tell Benson practically nothing and even hinders Proper rights, Inc’s investigation by having the crew arrested…

The Avenger actually appeared in his own pulp journal from September 1949 to September 1942. Twelve more adventures were authored by Ron Goulart for Warner Paperbacks in the seventies. New material has surfaced in three anthologies and a new novel. This graphic Novel collects Justice Incorporation issues 1-6.

I provide the comic five stars…

Quoth the Raven…, This is as near to a perfect pulp style comic as I have ever seen. Being a fan of THE AVENGER since the 70's and loving the Kirby DC comic - I use had disappoints by the previous comic incarnations. The storyline here is merely as one of those earlier pulps might be. The Justice Inc team work showing us all of the group. Artwork is brilliant.
This particular is one of those must have collections., This particular Trade paperback collects the recent (2015-2016) Dynamite Comics six issue series. This also collects all the covers and the various version covers which are many. The cover depicted in the Amazon solicitation here is not the final cover which is the Alex Ross cover redo of Joe Kubert's original DC series. I will try to include a photo.

This particular series is not related to the Michael Uslan series which also used the title of Proper rights Inc. That series was a three character cross between the Avenger, Doc Savage and The Darkness.

The series does not adapt previous stories but contains new stories set in the early 1940's authored by Mark Waid and for the last two issues Waid and Philip Sequeire.

Mark Waid is one of the finest writers in modern comics. Waid admits to a childhood love of the Avenger which exceeded his love for either The Shadow or Doc Savage.

The book is two separate stories the first runs four issues and is solo authored by Waid. Issues #5 and #6 form a separate story with writing help from Australian writer and Designer Christopher Sequeire.

The interior art is all from BrazilIan Artist Ronilson Freire. His art style signifies almost a " house style" for Dynamite. Once more I will endeavor to include some examples (minus term balloons) that I found. It certainly isn't bad and is quite enjoyable. Kind of a Pablo Marcus style. The coloring by Marko Lesko is too dark for my flavor.

The first story is set in Spring 1940 with Richard Benson still getting the malleable " puty face" and white complexion and hair. Cole Wilson who joined in year two of the magazine is not present.

I always enjoyed the progressive nature of the Avenger's team. While Doc Savage had five white male assists, Richard Benson had two African Americans, two females and even a the wife and hubby.

This four part story is my favorite of the two as it involves a secret formula developed to improve the power in men. The formula has a eerie part effect which turns the body invisible apart from the brain and attached nerve fibres. We see it used on not only evil doers but a group of loins and even one of the Avenger's own assistants.

The second story is set in early 1941. Cole Pat is now part of the team but unlike his appearance in the pulps Richard Benson has not returned to his more human complexion.

This particular story involves Benson's buddy Pierce Lonne, a kind Lon Channey based character, who we are advised first taught Richard Benson the secrets of hiding his face as other people. President FDR also has a cameo in this story.

These are thoroughly enjoyable pulp activities that fit comfortably into the Avenger Cannon. We like the fact that Mark Waid felt no need to reinvent or modernize the character.

The Highest Recommendation.

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