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Just like all decent time travel books, this gets a little twisty at times.

The particular plot is enjoyable and entertains while leading the story forward while keeping tension high at times.

People aren't too perfect, and in generally are recorded the bit flawed side(as people are) while still keeping the right balance of humor.

I would give this a solid 4. 5 stars out of 5 if they allowed this a more granular rating system.

The only problem with locating a first good book in a series that has just already been published is remembering to check on back repeatedly over time for in the series, which with a new author is hard to consider.
I really wish the Kindle iphone app allowed you to banner authors so you would be notified each time a brand new book came out. I mean it would drive upwards sales and make customers happy.
It makes no sense that has not happened yet., After reading something heavy and gloomy, I needed a little pick me up. Merely One Damned Thing Right after Another provided just what I was looking for, pure entertainment.

Ms. Maxwell has been offered a chance of a lifetime. St. Mary's Institute for Traditional Research wants to sponsor her for a position as a period traveling historian who will document what actually happened previously. Since I started reading this book I thought this was my dream job. Unfortunately, most historians at St. Mary's meet nasty ends while on their missions visiting different historical periods or events.

I am going to definitely continue on with this course but not right away. (Other books watch for. ) However, I do recommend you give this guide a whirl if you are thinking about plots with time travel, well written historical backdrops, and strong heroines. This book is funny, fast paced, and at times surprising., What a lot of fun! I am really enjoying this series and already on book 5. (I got the first about three books on Kindle out there of the library, and am purchasing the remaining books on Kindle as I go along because the library doesn't carry them). The first book is the best of the books in the series that I have read so far. The main reason that this book doesn't really are worthy of 5 stars is because the writing and plotting are, frankly, not up to the degree of Connie Willis, who will be tops in the time-traveling historians genre. Also, I am not a fan of the sexual interludes. We would have given the book 4 stars, but any book so un-put-down-able deserves a top rating! [For those of you who have not yet read Connie Willis, please immediately purchase " To Say Nothing of the Dog"! ], While I don't feel as though I wasted 99 cents, I am unable to say We was overwhelmed as some other readers were. The writing itself is reasonably good, though Ms Taylor will go on a little bit. I also have to say I found a great deal of the plot devices very derivative of the " Thursday Next" publications and Connie Willis time travel books.

I also felt that Taylor was seeking to cram in much too much information. Presently there were enough subplots and twists to stretch out to 2 or 3 more tightly written novels. We also dont' feel you get enough of a back story on the narrator to understand her neurotic behavior. All in all, I feel it was a not terrible book that needed a heavy editing hand and a edit.

I assume since Taylor swift has gone on with this course that she has a following and We wish her every success, I however will never be among her readers., I have a behavior of getting caught upwards in books with strong female leads, and knowing too late that I've already been had by yet another MarySue. I was obviously wary of this one and vigilant. And though Madeleine " Lucy" Maxwell is strong and smart and handy with a data cube, she is the first in line to admit that she is not too bright. She's not inexplicably clumsy (such Bella Swan) or irresistibly lusty and pyrotechnically excellent (like many a Heinlein heroine), but she's faithful and funny and ruined and eager and like-able.
I carefully enjoyed this romp around the centuries, looking forward to more., I avoid normally do book reviews, because I rarely read ones that are THIS SPECIFIC good. I mean, We read good books, but these ARE EXCELLENT. They do what books are meant to do... they have the magic that wraps you upwards in what's happening and makes you worry about the characters. They make you laugh and when things go south I mean we're talking St Marys here. Something WILL go wrong you mourn their losses right along with these.
I think I may be a little deeply in love with Max. Leon would understand. He wouldn't like it, however he or she would understand. What man could resist Max?
I read all 8 of these, one after the other and the short history collection which goes with them. Save yourself some time and buy all of them at once. Likely to thank me later., Weakling marvelous!

I can not believe this is a first book. Is actually a great story, it can probably my "best find of the year" so far. And it's great storytelling. Funny without being sarcastic or unkind, at times hilarious, occasionally very moving. Great descriptions, amusing dialogues, very nice heroine - somewhat snarky but instead appealing. Somebody you would absolutely wish to be friends with.

I found this gem by sheer chance - Audible had a sale and I acquired the music version (which is great on it can own and strongly recommended: British actress Zara Ramm did a fantastic job - intelligent, witty and very tasteful. Great voice too).

Well, after listening to the first guide, I went and acquired the whole St. Mary's chronicles, everything published so far.

PS Some testers mentioned "explicit sex" - just don't think it. One funny, moving (and indeed, hot) short scene for the whole book - about a page and half long. Just shows that some people simply performed not read the guide (hilarious as somewhere in the final chapters Taylor swift quips about that "if this was "that kind of a book" you needed have a steamy intercourse scene here... but it can not")

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