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Quick but good book providing the entire story of the Rosenbergs. The author starts off with the foreknowledge of what we know today and with an attitude that Julius is a " creep" so we know how things will turn out and know about the author's thoughts and opinions from the get go. I haven't studied this situation but am aware of it and the change in public thoughts and opinions through the years and the knowledge that has come to light in more recent years. While the author tells the story providing us knowledge that wasn't known publicly at the time he does leave some surprises for when then were revealed many years later. Although public thoughts and opinions often swayed towards claiming this husband & wife had been martyred by the anti-red cause, the author's take and the general thoughts and opinions today is that Julius was justly accused and sentenced. Upon the other hand, while the author may be a lttle bit heavy-handed against Ethel, popular thoughts and opinions is generally still open to debate on the extent, if any, of her involvement but it's generally agreed, with the author also being sympathetic to, her punishment being unjustly tough. I learned quite a lttle bit info about more recent events that I hadn't known and found the publication easy to read. I would have preferred if the author had released details chronologically as they unfolded though to help make the history more interesting rather than journalistic., Author Joe Moro tells the story of Julius, & Ethel Rosenberg. United States citizens that are members of the Communism party. This married pair was accused of being spies for the Russian government. They were both tried, convicted & eventually executed for crimes of treason against the UNITED STATES!
The author tells the storyplot in an interesting and easy to learn, style, so that it is one of those " heard to put down" books! I don't remember reading about the Rosenbergs once i was younger so I found the story very interesting and informative!
I don't want to give away the publication by revealing too much, but I will declare I felt Julius PERFORMED deserve the death charges for his crimes!! I'm still somewhat on the fence though as to whether or not Ethel should have shared in the fortune! (Was she AS involved in the treasonous acts as her husband?? ) I also dont understand how a mother could choose a foreign country (knowing she could be facing death by her choice) over being with her children!
Realizing that she helped her husband, recruited her own brother and sister-in-law and pretty much left behind her children for treason,.. and that I have family members which may have struggled for our FREEDOMS,.. I will be leaning towards the thought that Ethel also obtained what she deserved!!, A good interesting look at the Rosenberg case, though it doesn't really produce a situation for the scapegoat principle - given the times, the Rosenbergs seemed to be unrepentant Communists (not that anyone needs to repent their affiliations unless they were Nazis). The sibling certainly doesn't come out there smelling of roses in this work, though, but double jeopardy prevents any justice.

If you're a student of this somewhat sorry era of Us history, you may want to give this one a read for a good summary of the Rosenberg case., Very quick and right to the point. Appears Ethel's sibling basically condemned her to death with lies, either by choice or effect. This book makes it appear very clear that Julius was definately responsible and by association, she should have done time, but probably not the death penalty., I've been interested in this case for many years, having read nearly all of the books written before the the release of the FBI files. This narration answered many of the questions I had. Julius and Ethel were spies., Not really a publication, more like a pamphlet. The basic facts about Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. We would have liked a lttle bit more info and the post occurences of the watch case. Especially for their children., It wasn't long enough with enough detail. I didn't know the 2nd novel was included, which I didn't read. Yet adequate for . 99., While this book comes to different conclusions than others I have read, it was a great read as it provided details I had not previously read.

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