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I will be a busy mom of 3 juggling working from home and our occupied family schedule. I was a recovered fast food junkie!!! My previous diet consisted of whatever fast food restaurant was nearest and the biggest diet coke or latte possible. The pounds were packaging on, my energy was nill and I needed to make a change. After borrowing a friends quality juicer to ensure I would like juicing before making the investment of a juicer, I was hooked! However, as a new juicer, I fought w/ what things to juice, how much raw veg/fruit We needed and why that particular produce was best for my body.

After following Drew Canole on HUB PAGES for a few weeks, decided to try his book. Finest bang for the dollar!!! Great recipes (often w/ catchy names) that also tell you the great things about that particular juice. The particular recipes are divided into Fruit Juices (50 recipes) and Veggie Juices (54 recipes). This book is a must have for anyone that wants to try out there juicing to see if they like it to those individuals that are totally hooked! There are also yummy recipes that my kiddos and hubby (that typically hates veggies) enjoy!! As a family, we have now juice several times a day that recipes keep us from getting fed up!

Happy juicing!, Received the other day, and been reading this morning, making a grocery store list from the publication. I had the pears, not the orange, but organic orange juice, and the very first recipe listed in this book, " Conquer a Virus", Used to do. Sense better after doing that. Soar throat, then sinusitis this week after cleaning up lots of pollen on our screen in back porch- cement porch, window screens, furniture, feline lounge, etc. I will of known better; it has happen in the past cleaning up pollen. Living in the country with all these woods, farmers working in their field, and so forth. Anyways, with standing on, By Jesus stripes We am healed, and now your juice book, and the recipe I just tried - MUCH BETTER! Thank-You. Looking forward in trying your other quality recipes. Do you sell any other books?, I emerged across one of Drew's YouTube videos by just searching for anything on juicing. It only took that one video for me and then We was hooked. There is something special relating to this guy, which makes you feel comfortable while getting you motivated and excited to start out juicing. Drew is being himself on the videos and you will see that same personality in his publication. I looked at a dozen other books and the main problem was your author going too far with the info. For example, many books would have over 2 pages of data and information on only one recipe. I felt like We was reading a brand from a GNC Huge Man Vitamin box. Merely tell me what's moving in the juicer and how a lot of it. Sure, a few sentences about how this particular drink can help you would be great Well, that's exactly how this book is written This specific book by far has the most recipes as well.

So thank you Drew if you see this. I'm not sure how if its potential to communicate with you one on one on setting upwards a program for myself. Obviously I'm expecting to pay for that too. Now i'm 33/M and at a rock bottom with my health. Was diagnosed with hypogonadism at 22 and now it's lead to multiple other issues including high blood pressure. High cholesterol, raynaulds syndrome, extreme fatigue, zero libido and more. I'm too young to be on so many medications and We want to change my life around. My diet is terrible and am know that's the first thing that needs to be transformed in any life modification.

Therefore, please let myself know the nest way or even if the possible to set something up.

In closing, buy this book and you will be happy. Don't spend your valuable time like Used to do researching for the best one if you are looking at it right now. Trust me!!!!, WoW! We got this book at 8am (EST) today and was mostly done reading it (thanx to a KINDLE)! Individually, I started juicing significantly this past May 2012. Fat, sick and a lot certainly almost dead with little wish from the docs except for handfuls of pills and injections... I'd attempted juicing back in the 1990's but OH! what awful stuff! - and that was it!
In researching about "how to heal a fatty liver... I stumbled across Drew online. We listened and watched and read everything for about 14 days then mustered upwards the gut to try this again.

After purchasing some other Juicing books online via Amazon and trying many of those juices... We been copying & pasting all the recipes We could get my palms on and even the ones Drew demonstrated online... I'd reference video's over & over again to remember different veggie combinations by what their benefits were... and I would say aloud (speaking to Drew on my computer - as if he could listen to me!? )... "Can you please write these things down in a book? - I'll buy it! inch

Much to my shock this morning, I get on FB to see what Drew had to say this morning... he told us about his recipe book!!!! OMG! Yay!

So after reading it 3/4's of the way through...
I have got to say that 'Recipe books' are just that... recipe books.
ALTHOUGH NOT THIS JUICE FASTING BOOK! Its a recipe book with personality! We can hear Drew in these recipes! His personality emanates from the pages plus they are titled to enable you to IMMEDIATELY attack whatever ails en este momento and not merely try a bunch of juices until you find "something" that makes you feel good.
Juicing is preserving my life ~ so thanks Drew for HEARING MY VOICE (through my computer) and writing this publication JUST FOR ME! If you're the best!

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