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Its not all city covered by the online link made it, A nice coffee table book with a fun premise, I recently acquired this book due to overwhelming peer pressure I received from my friends. A bunch of people who had still left my company a while ago acquired it (probably for the same reasons I did) and published selfies on Facebook looking really depressed while having it next to their faces. When they started marking me, I figured that I had to purchase it or continue to get an annoying number of announcements from the app.

Overall, the book is pretty good. Sure, the creator couldn’t be bothered to write a description for South San Francisco Gulf, but who gives a s***? I’m not sure I could describe San Francisco with actually words in any case. Also, the author is wearing a suit in his picture on the back cover. What the terrible is the fact that about? Aren’t “comedians” (they also forgot the “” in his information around that word) intended to look the part? It had been a visually ironic choice that I cannot get over. He appears like he just learned he got a involvement award for getting the book published.

As for the content on the book, there were some things he really got on the button. These include San Antonio inventing the Breakfast Taco, the Alamo being forgettable, the “angry commuters” in Manhattan, and the “toothless dirtbikers” in Miami.

There are also somethings that are off. The “cheap hookers” pointed out in Seattle have vanished due to minimum income, Los Angeles has about three places with “celebrities” right next to “d-bags on cocaine” (just super repetitive there), and I’m pretty sure that Burlington, VT doesn’t even exist.

In the end, if you have . 40, then it’s worth the purchase. You’ll have some laughters, you’ll have occasions where you nod your face in agreement, and you’ll even have a handy guide for where to book the next AirBnB if you wish easy entry to the 1%, meth, hookers, or hot wives in yoga pants., Entertaining!! A great surprise for that person who could have relocated away or simply came to a new city. I just hosted a Friendsgiving and there were lots of laughs over this book. It's a must buy for you coffee table's joy!, A great book for anyone with a sense of humor. It's awesome to pick up a city or two with friends, laugh and let it spark conversation. Properly done and while offensive, it doesn't hit one party harder than others - instead, it offends everyone, which is simpler to regard. Fun book. I'm buying a bunch for vacation gifts!, Oh man, this is just a great coffee table book. Go forward and buy this. Makes for great party conversations!, This is a fun book and a great gift. Was surprised to find even my city in here. Quite a few maps I failed to " get" because I'm not familiar with every city in America., Humorous and how did he know those cities? My city was in the book, and did find a mention on the Everyday Show. Good to share with friends when they visit., This is by far the most truthful guide you will ever find to some of my personal favorite cities (and some I know now to avoid). Trent has created pure comedy gold that can help you laugh, cry, and want to punch him in the face.

Easily offended? Maybe not the book for you. But trust me, it's worth it and you can enjoy maps including " Twerk Videos" in Atlanta, " Home Invasions" in Phila., and so, so much more.

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