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Recently i decided that I desired to learn some Bootstrap and looked for a guide. The Joy of Bootstrap had great reviews so I gave it a go. I have to say I’m extremely disappointed. This book will be incredibly short (yeah it is 110 pages, using anything like size 16 font! ). The book is very short I read this in 45 minutes!

I have read hundreds of programming books and also this will be one of the the majority of basic and cursory I have read. After reading this I have no understanding of what Bootstrap does exactly that I use CSS lessons to accomplish and some jQuery), no knowledge of why, and only a very simple understanding of Bootstrap within general. For instance , one of the things I has been most excited about has been the way Bootstrap grips navigation menus in a responsive manner. Chapter 6 is called “Drop downs and Nav Bars. ” It contains an outline of what a nav bar will be, a screenshot of one, and NO information how to produce one! Instead it directs me to the author’s website… Well I may go to his web site without buying the guide, so what am I paying for here?

The author also fails to be able to explain what are data- attributes, why some of his examples use aria attributes, etc. These seem to be like important things to know for HTML5 and Bootstrap. I don’t want to be able to be a copy/paste programmer who says “I additional aria-valuemax since the example do. ” I want to be able to know what it is and why I’d use this. I’d even go thus far as to point out the author gives poor advice such as informing me that using a great input-group-addon for anything some other than text is a bad idea. Actually the majority of standard UI guidelines recommend putting a “search” key as what amounts to be able to an input-group-addon. Unfortunately, typically the author suggests this because a bad idea… There are several things that are downright wrong. Like telling me personally to utilize sr-only to conceal text… It’s actually about making text available to be able to screen readers, not covering text! I have to be able to say too that typically the author looks to possess been learning Bootstrap because he wrote the guide. Statements like “I played around with a bit to see in case I could find out [what page headers perform. ]” or “I struggled a bit with this one” or “Eventually I acquired this to work” or “I played around [… with] some of the lessons I thought would function in Wells [and they] do not necessarily. Oh well! ” seldom exactly give me typically the impression that the creator is actually a Bootstrap expert. Rather it makes me feel like he played around along with Bootstrap for any week, found there were relatively few books on the matter and figured he’d give it a go. The back cover even looks to indicate this when it talks about how exactly few books you can find about the topic.

If a person have little to know CSS experience, no net development experience (ASP. INTERNET, PHP, etc. ) and have only done basic HTML CODE websites, this book will be probably useful. For somebody like myself who is a seasoned web developer who wanted to learn Bootstrap, this book was a waste materials of time. About typically the only thing I believed the book did nicely was explaining the Bootstrap grid system. I really feel like I have a much better understanding of how that works for responsive design and style. However, I believe with 2 hours of doing a search online I would have gained the same understanding and inside my financial institution account., Buying this guide was a mistake. I literally see the whole thing within 1 hour. Small web pages, big text, plenty of pictures, no depth. Also - the author is certainly not a pro. I believe HE see the online paperwork, tried a few examples, and wrote the book the subsequent day.

I haven't ready anything about Bootstrap before, and am wanted a great, complete reference. While I considered reading the web paperwork, I like books. I will admit it - typically the 4-star rating and Twitter logo on the include fooled me, so I bought it. Difficult that it's a _bad_ guide, it's just that it's bit more than a extremely basic overview of Bootstrap.

The good: It introduces many of the features and functions of Bootstrap, shows some very simple to follow illustrations, and offers links to be able to more resources and information.
The bad: That's all it does. There is no depth here.

Last word: I should have preserved the . I got a good intro to be able to Bootstrap, but I may have bought dinner and see the online docs for free, that we will right now have to do anyway. Oh well. #sigh, This guide was a waste of money and, worse, moment. There are very few cases where the example program code is tied to a visual representation of the produced result. There are illustrations that are just flat wrong. There is a " sample website", and " challenge solutions" to be able to go with it. Nevertheless you can find never examples of how the author approached / solved the problem. One doesn't get to observe relevant examples of what the website appears like. A great odd snippet here and there, but nothing to cohesive. It makes me imagine this sample website is merely a figment of the author's imagination.

Most oft-repeated expression: There is an illustration of this code about the http://www.joyofbootstrap.com website titled blah, blah, blah.

Therefore save your money, check out the website, play along with the examples there. Of which combined with any tutorial you'll find Googling about would be a much better using your current time than reading this book.

I'm going to be able to stop now because composing any longer would be putting good time after poor., In the beginning I had been wondering why this guide is so cheap and now I know. It just lists several WEB PAGE classes and JavaScript features available in Bootstrap. One would be much far better off just viewing a few tutorials on youtube and checking the Bootstrap web site.

In every chapter there is a link to be able to a web site with examples. One thing is that typically the links don't always function. Another is they all land on the key page thus you have to understand to the example alone. And the worst is that not all discussed topics get as examples and the opposite, not all examples are actually described, so one starts wondering what they are., I bought Alan's previous textbooks on kickstarter and got a pdf. I acquired this one through Amazon and I can do will be open it in the internet browser. The whole point for me of having electronic books will be able to read them anywhere when I have time to read. Amazon wont let me personally get this book offline. Hierbei I cant read this after i m on typically the bus. So yeah. Joe (and amazon) if a person read this, a pdf download option after buying the book would be nice. Dont tell me about kindles please. This will be a programming book. IT MAKES SENSE THAT I WANT IN ORDER TO USE IT IN THE HOME WINDOWS MACHINE THAT CAN IN FACT PROGRAM BOOTSTRAP SITES!! Now i'm not programming on a f* kindle.

PS: Alans content is great even though. No hate there., An individual should know what you desire whenever you order this guide. I had been buying a gentle launch that will familiarize me along with Bootstrap for the first time. Read the some other reviews - that will be exactly what this guide is! The longer I spend doing development, typically the less and less I want massive 'reference' quantities on a given subject matter. They go out of date too rapidly and typically the information is easier and faster to get via Google. So if you want a detailed treatment of Bootstrap, a person WILL be disappointed at this time book. However, if you want to become 'bootstrapped' on Bootstrap, this book does the job perfectly.

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