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Inside a lot of ways, Lost Stars is perhaps the perfect Star Wars publication. If nothing else is actually easily the best book in the new Star Wars canon and possibly my favorite Star Wars book in general. As someone who grew up on the old extended universe, that's stating a lot. But I mean every word of what I've said. Lost Stars is everything I ever wanted from a Star Wars book.

The particular author does a fantastic job of inventing her own story while fitting it seamlessly into the Celebrity Wars narrative. She creates two interesting characters from your new, unique planet and culture. And then she takes us through their lives from the first time they meet at eight years old until the period shortly after Come back of the Jedi when they are well into their twenties. They provide a refreshingly unique point of view on Star Wars, offering us insight on what it was like to be apart of the Disposition when Alderaan was destroyed and how difficult it can be to balance duty with what is right. We meet new characters and old favorites in scenes that have real substance rather than coming off as merely fan service. We see the partnership between Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree grow and evolve over years and insurmountable odds. It's Celebrity Wars but it's more than that. From the qhole new story that goes deeper than we have seen before on screen.

I absolutely love this book. I know there are people away there who hesitate to read it because it's recently been shoe-horned into the AHORA genre also because it's obtained a heavy emphasis on Thane and Ciena's partnership. But that really should not stop people from picking this book and reading it. Everyone's speaking about Consequences by Chuck Wendig but, really, this is the book we should be talking about. This is the book that should get credit for starting the post-ROTJ canon off strong., In short: this is actually the best Star Wars book I have read in ages. Marketed as YA (though the characters are grownups for the majority of it), it will charm to a far larger audience. It was more about what went on Jakku than another publications released on " Push Friday, " as well.

Longer: When Star Wars was released in 1977, part of its charm is that you knew who to cheer for and who to boo. Right after a lot of movies dominated by ambiguity and flawed characters, this update of a silent melodrama seemed positively refreshing. But nothing's ever before that grayscale - there were (assuming for a moment that these character types were " real" ) human stories behind every TIE fighter that blew up. Not all of the billions of Imperials who didn't find a way to jump deliver and join the rebels were evil. Some were caught up in something that they misunderstood, that give them no choice, that lied to them.

LOST STARS commences with two characters drawn to the new Empire and all of its promises as children. The " Romeo and Juliet" evaluations people toss around are overstating things; their familiars aren't wild about their friendship, but it's a very minor a significant the overall book. As one quickly becomes cynical to the Empire and one tries to stay faithful, the two journey through the Star War trilogy (and a year or two beyond) on the fringes in kind of the same way that Forrest Gump journeyed through 20th century American history (or possibly the way Phineas and Ferb journeyed through the periphery of " Fresh Hope. )" But the references to stray lines and events in the original films never feel forced - the characters' stories are brilliantly and organically woven into the saga. You understand different selections they make, the risks they take, and elaborate going on in their head even when you disagree with them. The particular romance between them (which lurks in the backdrop the majority of the time) seems far more realistic than the majority of the romance in Star Wars books. Without having delving into spoilers, by the finish of the book their relationship seems well-worn and lived in that's sort of unusual in fiction (it's a common joke in the YA world that the last line of every book should be " and then they probably broke up 6 months later. " ) They are interesting characters with backgrounds and stories of their own, and the relationship is complicated, exactly like real relationships are.

And all of this, throughout the politics and the associations and cameos from better-known characters, manages to be thrilling. The 500+ webpages passed quickly. Honestly, I sometimes think Star Wars just does't translate to books very well - without the visuals and the score, a number of the impact is gone, and sometimes I believe like I am just reading a great deal of tech talk and sound effects. Often I just skip around and read the main plot take into account see what's going on in the galaxy at this point in the timeline. That was never a problem here. I just wished there was more of it.

This book may get lost in the shuffle; it's being marketing to a audience (YA) that's refined considerably since the Harry Potter era, when there was more crossover with people who normally read from the adult segment. But when the dirt settles and we've experienced time to sift through all the new Celebrity Wars material that's come with the Force Comes to an end deluge, Lost Stars will stand up as a high point.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a YA article writer myself and I do know mcdougal. If you want to brush off my thoughts because of that, fine. And I can sympathize with those who mourn the reduction of the expanded galaxy books from the final 25 odd years - I can remember long times of debates with my friends as to what might happen in the 3rd Zahn book when it came away. But I like season 1 of " Rebels" more than I liked pretty much any new Star Wars stuff that had come out since 1983, and Lost Stars ties my set of reasons to think the new canon will be worth the cost. Provide it a shot and enjoy the ride. I can even entertain a hope that it could get more people to check out the AHORA section again and see if there's anything otherwise good in there..., May skip it just because it's in the young adult category, or because that you were disappointed by Consequences!

Even with give attention to new " minor" characters, this seems like Star Wars, and it ties together important scenes, locations, and motivations. And it's fun!

The only " complaint" concerning this book is that it hasn't been marketed as strongly as Aftermath, probably because it's been relegated to the " Younger Adult" category. But will be certainly really nothing in it (and nothing that is actually missing) which should keep any not-so-young grownups from reading it. From the solid, nicely written story that takes the reader through the original trilogy from the point of view of new character types, and ends up at the beginning of the " aftermath" that will eventually lead to The Push Awakens.

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