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Exactly what a tragic life. The writer had been snookered by Stalin and his buddies, the thugs, to the max. Surely good 'ole Joe got no idea just what the bad boys did when they locked up opponents of the state. Sadly, the memoir ends way too abruptly, giving me temporarily stop that she really had a difficult time coming to grips with the terrible thruths which became known after Stalin died.
So unbelievable to read about the hundreds upon thousands of clever, loyal citizens were torn from loved ones, tormented and killed. Only the author's extreme stoicism, her love of fellow inmates and her love of poetry kept her still living. If there is a Hell, Stalin gets first billing. Then Hitler. Also to think, nobody believed the actual heard about the Gulags or maybe the concentration camps. Probably Hell is a mine inside the Artic Circle, or possibly a camp guarded by some ghost SS men, aided by dogs of the pet and human variety., Eugenia Ginzburg memoirs are not just a testimony of the victim of Stalinist terror in the Soviet Union but additionally a skilled literately description of her personal observations and experiences during this historic period of dictatorship by a single political party. What truly amazes me is how persistent could be " the utopian dream' for such honest and talented, educated individuals as was Eugenia and her comrades (prisoners of Gulag) that they never, even during their most difficult times, perceived that the fundamental idea of " the dictatorship of proletariat" has a vital fundamental flow. The idea of " dictatorship" has historically justified the tyranny (the Asian model in Soviet case). Tyranny whirls the humanity back into slavery masquerading it with the Hippocratic demagogy of a progressive language their true intent of conquest over the world. Indeed, not only in one country but over the world. Courageous and skilled writer Eugenia Ginsburg provides her experiences in emotional form but without personal anger. I use different reaction when reading Journey into the Whirlwind. I see " the utopian dreamers" being the unwilling contributors to the drama produced by the totalitarian dictatorships, despite their use of progressive language., Over the last few days Eugenia Ginzburg's life 'Journey in to the Whirlwind' has been a constant friend. Her book is one of the more well known biographies describing the insanity of the Stalin era as it follows her descent into a bureaucratic and inhumane machine of torture and imprisonment seemingly designed to use the strength and humankind of the individual's existence. She starts as a devoted journalist, communist, spouse and mother of two small children that innocently becomes accused of political criminal offenses. She was arrested in 1937. From a modern perspective the situation is Kafkaesque in its unique embrace. Nevertheless , as the pages and hours pass Ginzburg's voice describes a dizzying array of emotional and physical horror which range from her interrogation, isolation and transfer to the Gulag, where the book quickly ends. It is a painting of inferno and human misery even though the shine of hope glimmers constantly through the memories the girl evokes. Her humanity stands out through every page as she describes the life span the girl is forced to endure. There are several times that are luminous in allowing us all to understand the simple things in life. Ginzburg's love of poetry and materials generally permeates her memoirs as it is one of the strengths that lifts her above the situation she is immersed in and allows her to keep struggling through the ruthless inferno.
I felt such an injustice in my center that this woman got to be dealt such a fate. The scary is of course that millions of innocent people endured similar experiences as the ones Ginzburg explain. Beyond your qualities in Ginzburg's writing a sense to explore the time of the Gulag is awakened. Ginzburg did indeed write a second part to her autobiography ("In the Whirlwind") that I am looking forward to read within the next few weeks. Of course , Solzhenitsyn's "The First Circle" and "The Gulag Archipelago" beckon in conjunction with Applebaum's study 'Gulag'. The book had not been translated into English until 1975, and is currently out of printing in the UK. We are surprised that such a work has not received greater attention. Ginzburg's memoirs certainly makes one appreciate living in peace although it also makes one realize that such 'peace' can not be obtained for granted. Her tone and character lingers in my mind. Highly recommended!, The particular thing that stands out is Stalin was adored enough to lead his people to defeat the NAZIs., This book is a vintage, along with part two: " Within the Whirlwind". It's nice to have this in a kindle edition, hopefully part two will join it there shortly. The only problem with the kindle edition is that no-one proofread it. There are a great deal of what look like typos, but are clearly OCR mis-reads when moving the book to a digital format. A person looking at them would have caught them all. Hopefully, Amazon will have someone proofread this and upgrade the digital version.

Fantastic Book - buy it anyway., A heart-stopping memoir. I don't know how she got out still living. I'll never complain again about the inconveniences of modern life!

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