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A fantastic overview, with plenty of examples and exercises, of effective approaches to writing. The concise format makes this a great guide for anyone interested using writing as a personal development tool., I have tried keeping journals in the earlier and always, at some point just stopped because these were proceeding no where. This book is going to keep writing going somewhere for a long period to come!, Excellent. I love that the focus is on making changes and moving forward, not on rehashing the past. Provides focused and purposeful writing ideas, lists, and web templates to improve productivity and decrease procrastination. I would recommend it over pretty much any other journaling guide. A lot of writing guides are very vague and touchy-feely for me personally. This is practical and especially action focused. The writing is remarkably good: I read a lot of productivity publications that sound like these were knocked out in 2 hours over a beer. This makes a more versatile - and much cheaper - alternative to any of the productivity publications like The Mastery Journal, The Productivity Planner, the Go Journal etc etc. The book includes hyperlinks to all the exercises in both Word and pdf, so you can customize them, print them out etc. If you want to journal to be able to improve your life I do recommend this., I started reading The particular Journal Writing Superpower Key and twenty minutes into it, I was so excited, because I understood this was just what my journalling was missing. They keyword here is Deliberate. Michael Forest takes a whole lot of things I actually was working on—gratitude, acceptance, goal setting—and shows you how to put them into action via a journal.

It works, too. We have written in my journal every day ever since then (I began on July 4th), and it doesn't feel like a chore. I'm excited to write in it every early morning, excited to reaffirm my commitment to my goals, and in the sprints and exercises, renew my enthusiasm by digging into why I want to accomplish this goals and what they represent for myself. I've definitely notice an increased focus since I actually started, and my disposition has been more even overall. I'm back to setting big goals for myself and feeling positive., The minute I began reading this e-book, I used to be hooked. I've tried for years to write in a journal. Even with others urging me on and even with my having purchased other books on journaling, I just could not begin. I'm also an empath and am so busy taking on everyone else's stuff that I get overwhelmed. Mike's method(s) just clicked for me personally. I like the " baby steps" that he outlines. This approach has eliminated this sense of being overwhlemed. Today I'm journaling! I look forward to trying a number of his other journaling recommendations in the future. Give thanks to you!, I preface this review by sharing that I am an novice reviewer who is looking at from items that I actually have paid for either through money I made or acquired with my husband’s help. I must make this clear as I actually admit to have considered it a compliment once i have been confused for a paid reviewer yet I am actually an amateur reviewer with a writing passion. This kindlebook of The Journal Writing Superpower Secret by Michael Woodland contains quite an abundant amount of methods for making journal writing fun. Places such as using encourages such as today I actually will, likely challenges Let me overcome, daily life after accomplishing my goal, over the past five times I could be grateful for and more., I really liked it. The first chapters is an explanation how having a journal works on your behavior. Then he explains the value on making the process your own, how to add from other journaling ways to come upward with the one for you. And then is the compendium on different ones out there. I'm currently on the first 5 day " Mini Sprint". It gives you a lot of references you can look up if you want to study more on the topic. Great for starting on taking the reins, and really changing your routines and work on your grit., A great read! I enjoyed Michael`s writing style and the easy to follow suggestions. I came across this book to be more than simply a guide on keeping a daily log. I suggest it for anyone who loves to read a guide of quality!

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