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Jockblocked is book two of Jen Frederick's Gridiron series. Though it has the same characters from the first book, it informs a complete story. I could not get enough of this book. There were times I laughed out there loud, cried and sensed every emotion the figures went through as they felt them. Jen Frederick is a method of drawing you in and not letting go. We certainly hope there will be more for this series!

In this book, you get to know more about linebacker Matthew " Matty" Iverson. He has been able to sit back, relax and enjoy the perks of being a star athlete as a Western State Warrior. He has a reputation for being a powerful player, both on and off the field. This year is going to be different though. With Masters heading pro next season, the coach wants him to consider a leadership role as captain of the security. Matty knows he is effective at leading his team, even though he has never trained with much thought. The only problem is that as his first role as captain, the coach wants him to convince the current quarterback to give up his starting position. Ace Anderson has just came off winning a National Shining and has no want to give up what he's worked so hard for. Matty thinks he has an " in" to convince Ace, his best friend Lucy.

Lucy Washington always plays it safe. Everything in her life is thoughtfully planned out there with risk analysis being the driving factor. Whenever given the opportunity she prevents risks at any cost. Matty Iverson is far beyond a risk as far as Lucy can see, not to talk about he could be one of the teammates she has promised to have sworn off to her best friend, Jack Anderson. But will her attraction to Matty out weigh the potential risks she could encounter with him?

I could not get enough of this book. I loved each and every moment and was sad to find it end. I loved how believable Jen Frederick surely could make her characters. The girl made me fall in love with each and every one of those. We can't wait to read more from this fantastic series! Well done Jen!, *** 6 Star Review ***
As a possible passionate reader and blogger We am always looking for your next great book that is going to push all of my buttons. With over a thousand blog reviews and thousands of books under my belt there isn’t much that surprises me personally. I have learned from my reading encounters there are only so many plots, subject matters, and figure personalities to cover. It is very hard to find new and fresh story ideas. Inside a sense this does not really matter because the most important thing is how an author delivers the story and brings their characters to life. It’s their job to engage the viewers and get them invested in their characters lives. It is all about the writing. When I open a new book I am looking to be entertained, involved, and emotionally invested. We want to escape into their world and become a part of it. I have learned to put apart preconceived assumptions, not to be influenced by earlier books in series (unless it is just a continuation of a previous cliffhanger), and put aside my personal likes or dislikes for subject matter. We all have genres and types of reports we like better than others. We all have our own personal triggers. We try to step outside my personal preferences and look into a book with an open mind. We want to judge a book on it’s own merit and not lean on previous experiences. I’ve learned to finely tune the formula I use for reviewing books. I look at the overall picture, the storyline, the subplot, the figure development, the secondary figures and their involvement, the pacing, the dialogue, word consumption in the text, story format, delivery technique such as first, second, or 3 rd person POV, editing, and emotional involvement. We then factor in my personal reactions and emotional proposal. With that said… We can honestly justify my 6 Star review of Jockblocked by Jen Frederick.

Jockblocked by Jen Frederick is a 6 Superstar Book.

Jockblocked has everything that readers want in a book and more! The writing is superb! Typically the story line was fresh, unique, and had a mixture of different subplots feeding into the key storyline that kept me glued to the pages. It had a swoon worthy love and a unique love triangular. In the midst of the romance there are other things happening that test both of the key characters in several ways as individuals. It also redefines their place in their world as members of their individual teams. It tests their code of ethics, team obligations, and makes them question their future ambitions. The story gets more complex when the author adds a coach with a devious agenda, serious medical issues, and a team of headstrong, testosterone fueled soccer players becoming divided. Typically the tensions are high and makes the romance much more difficult. I read this book in one seated and walked away completely satisfied but wanting more of these university gridiron heroes. The book ended with so many opportunities for this series. This series could easily department off in several different directions.

It all begins in the second semester after the championship. They is still on a high from winning the Nationwide Championship. They are in the partying mode and not at all dedicated to their academic responsibilities. Matt “ Matty” Iverson is high on life. He or she had a great season and is next in line to becoming the Defense Team Captain. Lifestyle is good. The football is getting a little dull and Matty is beginning want something more than hookups, random chicks, and loose living. He discovers himself in the local coffee house rather than at the line with his teammates. There he satisfies Lucy Washington. Lucy is different from the ladies he’s been around most of his university career. She has not into jocks. She has smart, witty, and off limits. Which makes Matty all the more determined to get to know her. The more he arrives, the more he strikes out with Lucy. That is until he runs into her again at one of his teammates house. He or she rescues her from a potential bad situation and this begins their intricate relationship that will be tested over and over again.

Matty has his sights on winning the woman, becoming the Defense Captain, and hopefully moving onto the NFL. But when the coach dangles the carrot, the position of Defense Captain, over his head it puts Matty in a precarious position. A position that will divide the team, makes him question his integrity, and last but not least could affect his relationship with Lucy. It’s too much pressure. Matty has to make choices and depend upon his gut instincts.

Lucy Washington is not the average coed. She’s a determined student with high goals. She is an associate of the mock trial team and is determined by these encounters for her law school applications. She doesn’t have moment for a interpersonal life not to mention a fulltime boyfriend. She doesn’t want to date and particularly a jock. She knows what jocks are like. The woman best friend, Ace Anderson, is a prime example. They also made an unwritten pact never to date people from each other’s social network. It’s an understanding they both stand by. But her viewpoint begins to waver when the lady meets the sexy security football player, Matty Iverson. She begins to question the unwritten rule. This person is more than only a jock. He’s smart, witty, and an overall good guy. It’s easy to be around him and enjoy their time with each other. He respects her dreams, goals, and dedication to her team. Maybe it’s time and energy to take a chance and let go of the “friend” code.

Ace Anderson is the winning quarterback for they. He’s riding high on his tournament win and life is good. Or it was good until his best friend, Lucy Washington, starts dating a guy from the security team. Matty Iverson is a player like themselves, and we’re not speaking about football. Matty Iverson is poaching on his personal territory, he’s poaching his forever girl. Points couldn’t get even worse but somehow they always do. Coach has enlisted Matty to convince him to step down as quarterback so that he can bring in a star high school quarterback. Ace knows the coach’s agenda is more than for the favorable of the team. It’s personal. The conflict is on. Ace is going to win the woman and keep his quarterback position. His future is depending on it.

Because this story unfolds it is more than Matty and Lucy’s relationship on the line. Typically the football team is now separated. The offense and security have become separate teams. They are pitted against one another and no lengthier have team unity. Lucy is put in the position of selecting between companionship and love. At the same time she’s working ready mock trial team falling apart. Matty is pressured to do things he'd never do and it goes against his obligation to the team. From the same time he is trying to hang onto his relationship with Lucy. Ace is going to bring his A game to get what he desires.

Both Lucy and Matty’s teams are falling separate. The lines have already been drawn, sides have already been declared, and the worries are high. All of their futures are on the line.

This is just a brief summery of what is going on in Jockblocked. There are so many other things taking place every player has an integral part in the story. The thoughts were so high in this book. They bleed off the pages. The main figures are on an mental rollercoaster and they are not the only ones. The secondary characters are right along for the ride. How a book ended gave Lucy and Matty their happy ending but also left playing field wide open. Who’s up next in this series? It could be anyone of these gridiron jocks.

Jen Frederick delivered an e book that is worthy of a tournament title. Jockblocked is a 6 Star Champion!

Read Jockblocked by Jen Frederick. It can be read as a stand alone romance or in series order., Oh Matty!! Mathew is a defensive soccer player at Western and they are just coming off their National Shining victory. Now there has been partying, girls and lots of celebrations. He or she meets Lucy at the coffee shop she works at and introduces themselves and asks her out there, she says no and he is astounded. He's never had to work for a girl before. Ok now what?

What happens when what you want in every area of your life isn't easily at your understand? What happens when you have to choose exactly what is best for your future and hurt someone in the process?

Lucy is best friends with Ace, one of Matty's teammates, found a rule she won't date any of his teammates and he won't date her roommates. But Lucy really likes Matty, he is easy to speak to, he's not completely obsessed with football and he makes her feel special. Is Matty a risk that Lucy can afford to take? May she break down her walls and take a chance on happiness and love?, This book was great!! I stayed up all night reading it. I loved both of these. Lucy and Matt were great together. I do think Lucy was a little trusting regarding her relationship with Ace, but nonetheless it was a great story. I also loved when Matt stood up to the team and ultimately took his role as the leader. This book was all about taking risks and chances and it was quite inspiring. On a side notice, I also enjoyed the medical aspects and the mock trial because those two subjects are beloved to a heart. Great book and I can't wait to read another one!

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