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Christ: A Pilgrimage begins with an introduction that obviously lays out what the book is and more importantly, what the publication is not. I point this out because, We generally go in with preconceived notions of what I expect or want from a book. Fr. Martin is quick to point out that this book is not a theological discussion on who Jesus is, nor is it a Bible commentary. This specific book, however, is a review of Jesus, as we see Him in the Gospels, through the viewpoint of Fr. Martin's education, experience, and a recent pilgrimage to the Holy Terrain. If we bear this in mind when reading the book, we can give it an effective review.

Each chapter is laid out in the same format. Fr. Martin first mentions the place he is going to visit. He then describes the journey there. Details from this range from the actual process of travelling to the positioning, scenery along the way, and bits of the culture and environment he experienced. Then, comes the heart of each chapter - his reflections. Mixed with theology, history, tradition, and Fr. Martin's wisdom and wit, we put ourself in the exact second and location of Christ and try and picture what it must have been like for both Jesus and people around Him or her. We then conclusion with the Scripture passage which served since the basis for the site Fr. Martin visited.

The most interesting chapter in this publication in my experience was entitled, "Nazareth. " In this chapter Fr. Martin talks about the "Hidden Life" of Jesus. This term refers to the period of Jesus' life, age 12-30, that is absent in the Bible. Fr. Martin, like many, are drawn to this period of Jesus' life because they imagine it is a lot like our lives. "None of us will probably be preaching and performing wonders - at least much less Jesus did - but all of us live everyday lives, as Christ did in Nazareth, being taught and cared for by our parents, loving and squabbling with our households, playing with our friends, learning what it takes to be an adult, and time earning a living. inch I never thought of Jesus in this light, but it will make sense. In this chapter, I additionally learned about just how small and poor Nazareth was. Knowing this, it really puts into perspective the disparaging remarks people make regarding Nazareth. In addition, it shows you the environment Jesus was raised in, and influenced his parables.

Fr. Martin is a great storyteller. He will do a fine job painting pictures of the places he visited, and he draws out details in the Gospels that one could easily skip. There have been, however, parts of this book that I didn't enjoy. The beginning annoyed me a little when he waffled about wanting to go to the Holy Land. (Really what Christian, wouldn't want to see the place of Jesus?! ) I also got bored in the beginning reading about the trek to get to all of their destinations, and would think to me personally, "Hurry up and get there. " However , We eventually accepted that that was the nature of this book as a personal pilgrimage. It would be incomplete to overlook the journey and emphasis solely on the vacation spot. Those complaints aside, We still enjoyed the publication. It was quite interesting to see Jesus, the Gospel passages, and the modern day Holy Terrain through the eyes of Fr. Martin.

This publication was provided in my experience for free by Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review., I avoid think I can say enough good things about this book. I've loved everything I've ever seen from Fr. James Martin but he really outdid himself with this. He or she took making a stop in the O Land, and this publication he reflects on that trip. But it's not simply a travelogue. He remnants the life span of Jesus in time order by providing each site a chapter of its own.

Each and every chapter begins with his personal experience on the site as well as discussions of its historicity or lack thereof. He or she talks about archaeological evidence and " historical Jesus" scholarship or grant.

Then he takes the stories themselves and tries to imagine what's missing around the edges--and surely anyone must admit there are gaps in the stories, things that don't quite make sense. WHY would he say that? Just what was the context? Items are missing that people, as modern readers, actually want to know. He's very clear this is speculation, and often he offers several opportunities.

Then and only then he breaks open the meaning of the Gospel stories for daily life. This structure makes for a sizable book, but it was so really worth reading. It made Christ real to me in a way no religion class, bible verses study or preaching ever before has., This was the first book by Fr. James Martin that We read, and since reading it I have ordered several more of his books! He is a great writer, and his joyful spirit and enthusiasm make viewer feel as if they are there with your pet. I have never been to the Holy Terrain, so this book was delightful for me to read. It provided so much insight into what it would be like to embark on a journey to the O Land. Also, Fr. Martin is so down to earth in his writing that he will start to feel like a buddy as you turn each page. You will laugh at his humor, as well since the humor of his traveling companion George (also a priest and friend to Fr. Martin). Between the a pair of them, I found myself laughing out loud many times! You will also vicariously experience the joy of Fr. Martin, as his excitement literally leaps off the pages when this individual contemplates how he will see the places that Christ visited! By the time you finish the publication, you will feel as if Jesus has become a closer friend to you than you could ever have imagined. Through the words of Fr. Martin, you will additionally never have a doubt that Jesus experienced all the same dark occasions that we experience in our own lives. A person start to somehow " feel" the feelings that Jesus felt before the crucifixion as well, his feelings of abandonment, his loneliness, and the unfaithfulness. In this way, you will never hesitate to talk to Jesus when you are going through these feelings in your own life. At the conclusion of the book, you will almost feel as if Jesus just reached out and gave you a big hug. Truly, the best way I can describe Fr. Martin's writing style is that it's entirely " real". You are no longer simply a viewer..... you too will be going on this pilgrimage with him!, I have never travelled to Jerusalem and have always wondered what it will be like to physically, emotionally and spiritually experience the places that I have come to be familiar with in the Bible?

Well, this publication has been a most enlightening read for myself.. ?nternet site was purchased along by the author on his wonderful pilgrimage of the places that Christ walked, prayed, ministered, and performed his miracles.. We love the fact that the author would also share the relevant scriptures passages for every single setting, also to bridge each historical locality with a current experience discussion, thereby providing a devotional aspect to the book.

Although I was sorry to see the pilgrimage end, the publication has also opened up a new journey for me... training me to read the bible anew now from another deeper perspective...

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