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In the book, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist, Dr. Pitre takes advantage of her the Old Testament, additional ancient Hebrew Scriptures, the New Testament - specifically, Jesus’ own words and the writings of Street. Paul, as well as the Early Fathers, to teach about the prefigurement of the Eucharist from the time of the Exodus. He explains superbly how a Bread of the Presence (sometimes called the Show Bread) was to the ancient Jews the occurrence of God on earth. In addition, he or she shows how the Loaf of bread of the Presence, and the wine kept in the tabernacle, prefigure the Eucharist in their manner of bread and wine; the Real Presence of God on earth today.
In addition, I loved the truth that it is written in a manner that makes it accessible to everyone, not merely scholars of religion. Many thanks, Dr. Pitre!, Yes, this guide on the Eucharist was certainly a home run. Pitre pulls you in early as well as retains you interested as he " unlocks" the tips for understanding the Eucharist as Christ and his disciples recognized it. You will be reading excerpts of rabbis from New Testament times that leave without doubt as to how a Jew could have interpreted Jesus' steps and words. What We also appreciat about this book is Pitre's ability to repeat important ideas without sounding repetitive. This individual is excellent at recapping his points in such a way that, if you hadn't yet recognized what he's getting at, you definitely will now. The outlined review at the end of each chapter as well as an additional study guide in the appendix get this book very easy to return to. Constantly wait to read another publication by this author., More than the years, I possess read the Old and New Testaments and have heard them through the psychic readings at Mass and various Bible studies, but without a regarded how it was viewed by the Jews, (including Jesus) in the days that they were experienced. I always regarded the New Testament as more relevant and the Old Testament with lesser regard. I ultimately realize how important both are and just how the Aged Testament lays the foundation from Creation, the fall of Adam, on through the Mosaic Covenant, whereas, in the brand new Testament, Christ meets the promise of the Old Covenant by creating a New Covenant at the last Supper, which culminates with His suffering and Death on the Cross and ultimately Their Resurrection. This book offers so much!! It has given me a much better understanding of the circumstances surrounding our Salvation history. I would encourage anyone who has an interest in the Eucharist, certainly every Catholic, to read it. It has drawn me better in my commitment to the Lord, as We now see Christ's Give up and the Eucharist with new eyes of gratitude., Faithful Catholics and dedicated evangelicals alike will find plenty of illumination about 'the Last Supper' in this book. A lot of Christians overlook the fact that the 'messiah' had to have been 'Jewish', as were his disciples and the early saints of the Catholic Church. This guide is in agreement with careful modern scholarship about the historical Jesus and about the 'end time' he and other preachers of his time (John the Baptist, for example) thought was almost at hand. Jesus wanted to provide a Reformed view of his faith and he excitedly sought evidence that he or she might be the Messiah. He tested his thinking step by step as he took the actions that prophecy revealed the Messiah would take. The enactment of the 'New Passover' was one such step and it led Jesus to explain to his followers that, in the new Passover, the unleavened bread was 'his' body and your wine was 'his' blood. He was the 'Paschal lamb' who was sacrificed once and for all mankind. This guide carefully and repetitiously tells this tale in detail. This guide is worth owning., The writer sets out a very complete overview and exposition of the biblical, Jewish, and patristic roots of the Eucharist. Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to understand Christian sacramental theology and its roots in the Jewish tradition.

I only have one very minimal complaint. As an Orthodox Christian reader, I performed notice the author's simplistic division of Christian traditions into Catholic and non-Catholic (presumably Protestant). It might have already been helpful to acknowledge that some other traditions (e. g. Orthodox, Anglican, et al. ) share similar beliefs with Catholics. Normally, though, this was a very interesting and informative read., This is hands-down the most comprehensive, well-researched, and well-rounded explanation of the Eucharist I've ever come across! Pitre never takes on the reader's stance on the issue, and raises all the questions that so many of us may be asking about the true occurrence in the Eucharist. Paillasse asks these questions freely and honestly, and attracts on the very Legislation understanding of divine presence, offering, sacrifice, and passover using this Testament and other holy Jewish texts from that time to illuminate Legislation practices and understandings that many modern Christians avoid have a grasp on. In the thoroughly researched and well articulated walk through various aspects of these themes, he reveals exactly why so a lot of Jesus' Jewish followers walked away on him that day he told them all that they had to eat his flesh and drink his blood, why those who stayed were eventually able to accept it, and why the early Church unanimously understood the Eucharist as very, very real., I greatly enjoyed this guide. It helps describe a number of questions Catholicism raises, and better explains the mystery of the Orlando faith. Great historical backdrop supported by the scriptures as well as early Jewish writings, Everyone who appreciates the surprise Christ gave us at the final Supper will appreciate the Eucharist even more after reading this article book. We certainly did and have already been recommending it and gifting other people with it, too. We plan to study it in more depth at an additional reading and maybe a publication study with friends!?

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