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About 25 years ago they did a mass reissue of Theory and Training of Good Cooking for . 00 due to the fact that this is my absolute top essential book I acquired a dozen for future wedding presents. My eight year old son needless to say already had his own copy that he had requested.
I possess given those away I think at the time judiciously but may "have cast pearls before a few before swine". Wish I had a dozen more. That book is the first and best resource, plus it is also enjoyable to browse or read outright, I now have all of Wayne Beard's cookbooks I think unless some more unknown ones pop up and indeed so does my child. They are all priceless resources and still provide hours of inspiration and enjoyment. Beard on Bread is another top favorite. Vive James Beard!, This specific is our first " go to" cookbook essentially our cooking bible. I possess given away dozen of these as wedding offers over the years. The grand daughter got hers at age 10. Wayne Beard has never written a bad recipe. We have all his cook books., I acquired this book in the mid '70's or so... And it also virtually changed my life. This may not be so much a cookbook but rather a " how to" cookbook. It begins with a few of the basic tools, teaching you how to use a particular utensil and then follows through which includes very simple recipes using these utensils. This specific book started my cooking food life and I was heartbroken that it is no longer in print. You could get a good used edition at Amazon online!, At my age I could get away with stating that this guide is a must for many who lose a relationship in which their partner did the cooking food. One of the ten best make books of all time, in any language., You may not go wrong on a James Beard book. It easily explains the what's and whys of doing things in the kitchen., I did previously have the book of this must have book--the hardback is far superior, simpler to read, and much more tactile-satisfying.

This is a 1990 reprint--pages are creamy white

Aprently this edition was originaly a give-away from Farberware.

The only down-side of the book is Beard was willing to risk a bit of pinkness next to the bone for cooked chicken. Don't chance that for any domestic fowl--EVER!!!!

That said, learn to cook from theis book and you could go into near any other cookbook confident and unfazed., This guide is a fabulous newbie cookbook. As a neophyte in the kitchen they have guided me along to being a skilled person. It really is all in here and the chapters are laid out ease one in to the dicey art of food planning. Each of the old standard recipes are here. A great primer and i also refer to it often., I have never made a bad meal following James Beard's recipes. Ever, strong words but very true. It is my wedding present of choice and I can easily hope it brings the newlyweds as much cooking enjoyment and success as they have brought all of us.

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