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This review is of the 2010 updated and modified version of the guide. Many of the reviews are from 2005, meaning they're reflecting on a somewhat different product than the current one. I don't know if Ivey read these reviews and changed her book consequently, or if the changes just coincidentally lined up, but many concerns mentioned by previous reviewers (the Element of surprise chapter, not acknowledging the importance of LSAT and GRADE POINT AVERAGE, etc) have been resolved and do not seem in this edition.

I've read both this book and the Law School Accès Game (will be reading Montauk's book soon), even though I agree with others that they're not absolutely necessary, they're all very helpful and having multiple points of views has been great. We feel like I learn a little something different from each of them, and reading both books, along with perusing law school conversation forums and reading Avoid Go to Law School (Unless) have all helped really flesh out my idea of what the law institution world looks like. I recommend this book as part of developing that deeper impression.

Fair warning: There are sections of this book that are extremely individualized to specific situations; situations which didn't apply to me at all (basically all of the followup scenarios). Therefore i ended upwards skipping pretty much a whole chapter. That said, for me all of those other guide well made up for it, and if most likely one of the many people whose activities would belong to the addendum suggestions, those sections will probably come in extremely handy.

One of the areas I used to be most surprised to gain from was Ivey's advice on setting up a law school specific resume. We literally had this book open in one window and my resume open within, and I flipped back again and forth involving the two fixing my resume based to her advice. I had created read a paragraph, produce a change, read another, fix something else, and so on for about one hour. The finished product is a lot better than the one We started with (and considering the original had already been through about several drafts and read over by my school's Job Services office, that's stating something).

Considering the high cost of law institution, the scholarships on the line, and the extreme differences in employment final results based on which institution you get into, this book is a great investment. We wouldn't go so much as to call it necessary, but it's certainly recommended., This book is an invaluable tool for every person applying to law school. I was accepted into 12 of the top 15 law universities. I had a great LSAT score and previous work experience, but honestly it was this book that gave me the confidence to apply to top ten schools in the first place.

This guide examines every aspect of the law school admissions process and gives someone the confidence to approach top law schools. Using this book, We went from your mediocre personal statement awash in platitudes to having an individual statement that gave law institution admissions officers a glance into the type of individual We really am. I received several handwritten notes on my acceptance letters saying exactly what a great personal statement I had, and it was all because of this book.

We cannot recommend this book more strongly. I gave away my own copy in years past and have recommended this book to friends, co-workers, and other people who requires., This is a good overview of all the " soft factors" in one's application. It reminded me personally of Strunk and White's Elements of Style because Ivey structures most chapters as outlines, giving tips in concise, candid prose and illustrating her points with examples (often in " before and after" or " good or bad" format). Even though a lot of her advice could be seen in various places online for free, this readable and to-the-point style makes the book well worth buying. I'd give the text of the guide 4/5 stars.

However, We was less impressed with the book as a material product. The holding is cheap and the typography poor. Worst would be the sidebars—not really on the perimeters because it's a little book, instead inserted into the main text—which are small, blurry, dark gray text on a dark gray background. These types of are extremely difficult to read, and I'm not certain whether at fault a publishing error or maybe the publisher's editors and typesetters. I question if perhaps these were designed to be in color, and carelessly converted to an illegible grayscale. Likewise, the drop caps seem pixelated. 2/5 stars.

Overall then, I'm happy to have Ivey's advice, but I wish I had purchased the Kindle version rather than this shoddy book. If you have an ereader, definitely think about the Kindle edition., This book is incredibly helpful in answering nearly all of your law school application questions. When you are not someone with an outstanding LSAT rating and GPA, Ivey offers straightforward advice about how to set yourself in addition to the rest of the pack. And if you are doing have strong numbers, she explains how to polish off the rest of your program to be sure to don't give any law schools a reason never to let you in. She would not glucose coat it either. This is a necessary fact check that needs to be included on every law school applicant's book list., This guide is fine; I would probably recommend buying it in its print version as opposed to the e-book version. Given that We have never seen the print version, I am guessing that there were some formatting errors sustained in the transfer process.

Only other issue, which may be considerable dependent on your situation, is that the author sometimes goes into too much detail on subjects that might be more concise, and provides inadequate detail for subject matter that I found important, such as addenda (Keep in mind that this was a personal issue for me, and if you are not needing to write addenda for your apps, this might not be a problem in the content for you. ).

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