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" Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn" by Daniel Gordis (Oct. 2016).

Although it touts itself as a " Concise History" of Israel, the author has packed a lot of information and thoughtful analysis in this 546-page book.

This is much more than the usual date time-line of the shows regarding the creation and living of the Jewish state of Israel. The author re-plows the basic history as to how Theodor Herzel advocated for pogrom-weary European Jews to move to Palestine. The author not only details how Eastern European Jews were divided over whether or not a Jewish state should be created, the author notes the arguments and diverse individuality that debated this obstacle. (The author provides some interesting commentary as to the way the American writer Indicate Twain reflected upon this issue. ) [This book does a much better job in explaining the " workings" of the early on Zionist movement than what is discussed in the recently published " Zionism" by M. Viorst. ]

Rather than reviewing all the Zionist arguments here, I found that the author really provided a lot of insight as to the various Zionist and anti-Zionist arguments and how individuality were split between secularists and religious fundamentalists.. I found that the author provide new insights as to the developments in the " return to Israel" movement, and how the Balfour Declaration was given birth to. I found that the author reviewed many sources and provided great, helpful insights into how the Zionist movement campaigned throughout The european countries to entice Jews to come back to the Palestine region.

The author provided fine insight into the political and army disputes between Ben-Gurion and Begin during the 1940s. While the author noted that the Israeli government got a very difficult time in absorbing and patient for new, and often impoverished immigrants, I felt the author failed to convey the seriousness of the truly desperate monetary conditions of Israel during its first decade.

I found it interesting to learn that Begin had opposed Israel receiving financial " conflict reparations" from the Western German government. Also, perhaps it was due to his remembrance of the Holocaust he resigned as prime minister rather than receive a new German official.

In reviewing the various political parties, it seemed that the primary disputes were more over personalities rather than monetary policies -- although Commence certainly and constantly advocated for a greater " free market" economy that was in contrast to Ben-Gurion's socialistic Labor Party. It absolutely was interesting to learn how the high large inflow of secular, Soviet-Jews starting in the 1980s transformed the political dynamics of Israeli politics.

I was surprised to learn that the kibbutzim made up only about 15% of the Israeli population, and how they eventually declined in popularity and monetary impact.

While the various wars are discussed, and casualties are noted, the author really doesn't spend much time in providing details as to how some army unit conducted some maneuver -- except to notice how it influenced the outcome of a war.

Yes, it is a strong pro-Jewish Israel book -- the author doesn't lament much about the predicament of Palestinian Arabs, other than to claim that much of their problems were of their own doing by failing to simply accept a peaceful coexistence with a Jewish state. While the author noted that within the occupied/administered " Western Bank" [Samaria-Judea] there are three areas/zones of control or semi-control that are governed/administered by the Palestinian Authority (PA), the author doesn't think on analyzing the achievements or failures of the PA's administration (that would take other books to accomplish) -- except to say that Israelis themselves are deeply divided within the future " independence" of the area, and how Jewish settlements within are to be either expanded or reduced. (The author does not analyze the theological aspects of the Quran as to the reasons the Muslim-Arabs won't acknowledge a Jewish state. )

The author has produced a fine book in revealing the determination of the Zionists to birth a secular, Jewish state -- and analyzes how the original Zionist dream/hope that both Arabs and Jews could live peacefully with each other has not and a lot likely will not be achieved. This is more than only a good Israel, it is a history -- well, for the lack of a much better word -- of the " revival" of the Jewish spirit in reclaiming a homeland; or as the author place it in the book's sub-title: " of a Nation Reborn". An e book that I can highly recommend., I read this guide to gain understanding for a recent trip to Israel. It answered a number of questions and gave me a good feel for how His home country of israel developed. The street names are now alive and tell stories here. In contrast to other histories, this one is not finished and actively changing., The guide was mostly good and worth reading. I found the first few chapters slow and not what I wanted to learn about. From chapters 4 through 16, I thoroughly loved the book. I found it very informative and interestedly written. Chapter 17 felt like it was written by another person and do not belong in this book. Chapter 18 was your conclusion and was fine.
Still well worth reading and I gave it 4 Stars., The title does tell the story - this is a good concise history of His home country of israel. It sometimes suffers a lttle bit due to the amount of time it attempts to encompass. But overall it is a valuable read and, as the author suggests in the beginning, works to tell the story through the those who were pivotal to the occasions - which is a productive approach., Excellent history. From the perspective of the Jewish people in finally achieving a homeland, the same one where they lived 3, 000 years ago. Gordis does not engage in negativity and any animation towards the Palestinians. He provides the reality, without any distortion or prevarication. He is sympathetic to and favors the creation of any Palestinian state. However, it's the story of the Jewish people's historical struggles to attain a homeland, made more essential in the shadow of the annihilation of the half a dozen million and the refusal of all countries, including the U. S., to rescue them., Comprehensive, aware while eminently readable. This particular history book encompasses the values and dreams of Israelis and Jews who will always support their one and only state., Well written and provides a concise history of the key factors leading to the creation and advancement the Jewish homeland., A new concise history is a perfect read for curios minds. Well-written and easy to read. A reward winner -- I suggest

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