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Due to my various Christian family, friends, books and TV shows, I have been revealed to quite a number of theories about the anti-Christ and the end times. Some were more credible than others.

However, after reading Richardson's The Islamic Anti-Christ, I'm amazed at how narrowly culture-bound my viewpoint was. Since he points out, the Bible isn't a european European/American story; it's a Middle Eastern story.

There I was, seeing the anti-Christ striding around the Un in a beautifully tailored suit, with Western parentage... and totally unaware of the fact that over a billion Muslims get their own idea of who the anti-Christ is, and that they are prompted to follow him as soon as he seems. Or than Islam has an intensive description of him, and of what he can do, that scans just like the book of Thought - in reverse.

Sure, Muslims rely on Jesus. In addition to that he will return. And that when this individual does, he can slaughter all the Jews and Christians who are not able to convert to Islam! In the Islamic view, Jesus is not the prime player, this individual is the sidekick of the Mahdi, the new Caliph (or total leader of the world, centralizing the political and faith based spheres in a solitary authority).

Richardson isn't speculating here. He quotes from Muslim sources who have already been written and accepted as authoritative for many hundreds of years. The Sunni and Shia versions differ only in details; the basic tale is the same.

Really does that mean that the anti-Christ will be Islamic? Simply no. But given the billion or so Muslims in the world; their current motions into all the nations around the world in the world; the astonishing penetration of their influence (Florida just barely managed to pass a law that said the courts could not use Sharia law in making decisions); and that of all of the world religions, Islam is the only one in which the powers of the state and of religion are supposed to be combined in a single person (the Caliph), and their millennia and a fifty percent lethal hatred of Christians, an Islamic anti-Christ certainly makes the most credible candidate.

Now, looking only at western-oriented theories just looks ignorant. Having already been among the totally ignorant me personally (the role of the Islamic Jesus NEVER will get discussed in western media), I felt both silly and enlightened after reading this book. I avoid think it's possible to provide an intelligent discussion on the subject without it., Most people don't really know what the Qur'an states about Jesus. Most people avoid know that Muslims bottom their beliefs not only on the Qur'an, but also on the Sunna. Richardson writes, "The Sunna interprets the Qur'an. Minus the Sunna, the Qur'an should not be properly understood. In reality, aspects worth considering and practices of the Islamic religion are not even mentioned in the Qur'an but are found only in the Sunna. " Hadith literature, the sayings of Muhammad, is part of the Sunna. Richardson states that nearly all of Islamic beliefs about the end times are based on hadith literature.

Richardson says, "The growing of the Mahdi is to the majority of Muslims what the return of Jesus is to Christians... tradition states that the Mahdi will go down from the family of Muhammad and will bear Muhammad's name. " They assume that Jerusalem will serve as the location of the Mahdi's rule over the planet. "Islamic tradition pictures the Mahdi as joining the army of Muslim players carrying black flags. The Mahdi will lead this army to Jerusalem and re-conquer it for Islam. The Muslims will slaughter Jews until very few remain. " The Mahdi is a person, not a supernatural being. He could be predicted to rule for seven years, then die.

There are huge distinctions involving the Bible Jesus and the Qur'an Jesus. Muslims do not assume that Jesus perished on the cross for the sins of humanity. They assume that Allah miraculously delivered Jesus from death and took Him behind the scenes heaven.

Muslims assume that when Jesus returns, He will return as a radical Muslim. They believe This individual will return by descending from heaven somewhere near Damascus after the Mahdi is already on the scene. Jesus will be inferior in rank to the Mahdi. Jesus will make a pilgrimage to Mecca. He will convert many people to Islam and abolish Christianity. Another of Jesus's tasks is to kill the Muslim Antichrist known as Dajjal and all of Dajjal's followers, of whom most will be Jews.

In Islam, after Jesus helps the Mahdi convert the whole world to Islam, He could be prophesied to marry, have children, and pass away nineteen years after marrying.

"The texts and college students of Islam teach that all Muslims must make an effort for global domination always, not simply wait idly by for the Mahdi and the Muslim Jesus to complete it for them. inch

"When Jesus states [in John 16: 2] that the day is coming 'when those who murder you will feel that they are offering God a service, ' it necessitates not only a belief in Lord but also some sort of religious system where the mentality is that killing in the name of God is actually reasonable. "

Islam is now the quickest growing religion in the world. This is partly because of to conversions, but mainly because Muslims have far more children than Christians. It could behoove everyone to discover Islam from original resources. Richardson's book is a good start., Very well written book that provides the evidence needed to help make sense of the world in 2015. Ephesians 6: 12.... " Regarding we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against capabilities, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. " is the warning that is given to those that look for God for answers. I will be not saying that our political leaders are all Luciferians, and surely they allow themselves to be deceived into clouding actuality for ungodly gain. Islam will continue to develop strength against the planet as well as inhabitants. Reading this book and continually researching scripture will prepare the children of God to bring light to a darkening world., Anything by Joel Richardson catches my attention! The Islamic Antichrist was an eye operator that changed me from the traditional views of who the Antichrist might be. With all that is happening in the Muslim world today it makes a lot more sense that the Antichrist would be someone with whom Muslims would willing work. Provided their own views about end times, an Islamic Antichrist certainly fits the description better than any others who have been posed. Richardson is always right on top of current events and global happenings and is able to interpret Scripture better because of that. The publication is well written and easy to under stand.

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