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The particular short answer is that I found Iron War to be an eloquently written homage to two great athletes who really, truly put on one of the most extraordinary exhibits of gumption, grit, and competitive fire I have ever known. So carefully wrought is the individual dimension of this epic saga that I should think even non-athletes would find the story compelling and meaningful. The book offers depth along multiple dimensions, from rich background on the sport itself, to a controversial degree of detail about the lives and psychologies of the athletes, to some of the latest, greatest science about what makes a individual being effective at such amazing effort. This is a feast of ideas just as much as a clentching account of the extraordinary day.

I feel sad that the athletes are so upset with this work; I myself simply cannot think about how I could feel defamed by this beautiful tale, although I am sympathetic as to the reasons public publicity of very personal information would at least make someone uncomfortable-- after all, we human beings have a disturbing history of knowing one another with little empathy for every others' foibles and flaws. The author certainly delves in to the psychology and life history of these two men in lavish detail, but this to me serves to greatly enrich the story and leaves myself with a deeper appreciation for Allen and Jeff and what they achieved. Just as much as they both could have strove for perfection and invulnerability, both men are nevertheless thoroughly human, warts and all. This only makes their achievements more inspiring, and I attended away from this publication thinking more of them, not less.

This guide is obviously just one person's perspective on that fateful day practically 22 years ago, along with the chain of events that lead upwards with it, who is themselves an imperfect human being. But the book is apparently meticulously researched, with a lot of conclusion notes for the interested reader to follow up on. Facts are one thing, though, and impressions are quite another. Not even the athletes are necessarily the ultimate arbiters of the fact of what makes them tick, or what happened on that day. Just about all of us are usually interpretation our experience, weaving imperfect stories out of the information we have available to us. The notion that Fitzgerald intended to defame, embarrass, or misrepresent Allen and Scott stretches credulity; to me the publication is plainly the work of a individual who likes the sport, loves his craft, and greatly admires these two amazing athletes. Please read this publication and give your opinion!, This is a very hard publication to review. I was there I could see it, I actually have read numerous articles about it and observed the DVD hundreds of times. I lived Ironwar, I knew it back to front. I'm an unabashed Dave Scott fan, so it was hard for me to get this book after reading Dave's reaction with it - however I had already pre-ordered it and went in advance with the purchase.

This book is great, while reading it I noted which i had read the content, quote or line in some other article previously, Fitzgerald has substantially borrowed from numerous options - he respectfully credits them all and is able to tie it all in together. At times I read things and went "Whoa, now I know The reason why Dave and Mark are upset" however I went to the reference records and acknowledgements at the back and Fitzgerald was seemingly able to provide a source for just about every comment, if not all.

The book is not solely about Ironman fifth there’s 89, there is a lot of backdrop and historical notes of much interest about the sport and the two protagonists and the activities leading up to the fantastic day.

For anyone considering Ironman and Triathlon this is a Must read, it's been 22 years since Ironwar that's a lot of time for the story to be told - Fitzgerald took the bull by its sides and ran with it and has delivered an exceptionally well written and researched book - to him I say well done and thank you. Items watch with interest Dave's and Mark's action and hope that they will also find the time to pen their version. Buy it Read it enjoy it!, I loved this book. I brought to just a transferring acquaintance with triathlon but an abiding fascination with individual behavior. Fitzgerald has crafted a suspenseful page-turner that is as gripping as any mystery novel you might read. He has organized the book perfectly, giving psychological histories of the competition that add to the suspense, mixed in with a thorough grounding in the actual neuroscience and physiology of endurance. When you are considering the "why" of great success (of all kinds), you will probably find this book fascinating.

I found nothing negative in the portrayals of Dave Jeff and Mark Allen. All of us are to know that they have, like the relax of us, emotional suitcases to deal with and that, unlike the relax of us, they also have surpassing physical presents. How these factors play out is masterfully offered in a respectful and compassionate way. I sense that Fitzgerald wrote this guide as much with his heart much like his brain. Iron War is a book that will remain with me for a long time. It belongs with all the classic recountings of immense desire approaching smack up against enormous obstacles. That's timeless things.

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