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This was a great story. Very involving. A great use of the characters. Higher Evolutionary is looking for create a new Pantheon of Gods for the modern man. Might go wrong?, Anything with Iron man is a great tale - Marvel's best super-hero definitely. Addition of Thor makes the story even better, It's a great tale to read, The Lord of Thunder and the Armored Avenger taking on the magical and scientific when they fight the Higher Evolutionary, Diablo, Ulik the Troll, and the Crisom Dynamo. Amazing story by DnA with great art by Scott Eaton., Very good artwork. Nice use of two underused villans in the High Evolutionary and Diablo. Good price. Harkens back to the sort of quality standalone sci-fi tales these were doing from the past due 70's or early 80's., Thor/Iron Man: God Intricate collects issues #1-4 of Iron Man/Thor and the single-issue Thor Spotlight (a collection of interviews, advertising material, and sketches), all initially published between the year 2010 and 2011. Continuity-wise, this follows directly after the events of  Duress , but no knowledge of that series is required to read this one. Just like other Marvel hardbacks, Lord Complex is produced with medium-gloss paper and finished, foil-stamped boards (for this book, in red and gold). The spine is a bit tight, but not so much that it disrupts the reading process. You can find no extras, unless of course you count the Thor Spotlight material.

As for the story, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning offer up a fun but very simple plot in which the High Evolutionary, working together with Crimson Dynamo and Diablo, kidnaps Iron Man to be able to transform him into a brand new God worthy of the 21st century. Each issue involves some spectacular fights, but nothing deep or particularly memorable. Indeed, the story has all the complexity of a kid's Saturday morning cartoon. This, mind you, is not actually a bad thing (especially given how convoluted the lead Marvel books are becoming in recent years), but it is going to disappoint some viewers. Scott Eaton's pencils are good and work quite well with the story plot. Offered the "cosmic" background to this story, however, it could have been nice to get a little more experimentation with the art.

Loyal Thor or Iron Man viewers might find this book a little too light-weight, although brief appearance of Volstagg may provide a reason for picking it up (for Thor fans, at least). Fans of Marvel's cosmic story-lines can also be let down, as God Complex lacks the metaphysical weirdness and space-drama of books like  Marvel Masterworks: Warlock - Volume 2 , Infinity Gauntlet , and  Annihilation Book 1 (Bk. 1) . More everyday readers--especially more youthful ones--however, will likely enjoy this., This is a really great Iron Man and Thor crossover story! When you want to know where it will take place in the Marvel chronology, it can right after Siege. It includes Thor and ol' Shellhead teaming up to take out Diablo and the High Evolutionary as they try to use technology and magic to create a new God to rule over the world of man. The art work within it is exceptional and you may really tell that the artist put a whole lot of time and effort into making this. The particular cover art is also terrific!

Any fan of Marvel or Iron Guy or Thor will really enjoy this. Check it out!, The High Evolutionary is gathering together materials to go from becoming a mere demi-god to a full-blown God. Among them is the Destroyer from Asgard and Tony Stark. Enter in Thor and Iron Guy as they battle the High Evolutionary and Diablo to prevent evil from attaining god-like powers.

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (or DnA as they're embarrassingly contacting themselves, like kids developing a rock band) write/draw the sort of superhero fluff that makes no impression after the reader. Abnett writes the most contrived superhero fiction most likely ever likely to read giving critics of comics the sort of ammo they need to state that comics are indeed for unsophisticated adults who are incapable to grow up.

Get some toys and have them fight each other, making up your own discussion as you go. Probabilities are you'll come up with the story than Abnett is capable of. Scott Eaton's artwork isn't bad but it's no great mixtures. I thought it was interesting to involve two overlooked Marvel villains in the High Evolutionary and Diablo but otherwise Thor and Iron Man have no real chemistry and all of Stark's charisma is missing in every landscape he's in. Strangely, Thor's alter ego Donald Blake makes an appearance in the book - I believed Wonder had phased him away and were stating that Thor is Thor completely, not some ordinary girl with a stick some of the time?

Anyway, this is a missable comic even for followers of these characters with Thor and Iron Guy combining science and miracle to defeat a science tecnistions and magician. Hmm. Ok, but there are lots of much better superhero publications out there that avoid reek of cheese like this one does. Attempt "Iron Man: Extremis" by Warren Ellis or "Ultimate Thor" by Jonathan Hickman to see how it can done.

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