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“Invisible No More” by Hazel J. Ritchie is the highly intelligent, courageous in addition to timely discussion of gendered police violence in The united states. Ms. Ritchie is definitely an legal professional, activist and educator on behalf of women’s rights. This amazing book deserves to be able to be read by everybody struggling for a more simply, inclusive and peaceful modern society.

More than anything more, Ms. Ritchie helps all of us understand that policing is grounded inside a history of colonial time domination over women, sexual category non-conforming and non-white individuals. Ms. Ritchie knowledgeably covers a range of policing issues including the policing of girls, disability, sexual assault, gender expression, sex function, motherhood and more. Important, she draws from the girl experiences representing victims in addition to working through various assistance networks to get dozens of underreported stories to our focus.

Ms. Ritchie’s work will be deeply affecting, sobering in addition to empowering. Clearly, enough time provides come to scale again the divisive policing methods that give plan all of us a false sense of security. In fact, reallocating resources to rebuild our own society in a method that empowers local neighborhoods including women and their own families is definitely an essential task – both for today in addition to for the post-capitalist long term that surely awaits all of us.

I highly recommend this outstanding book to everybody., ** Trigger warning for violence against women in addition to children, including sexual attack and rape, as well as racism, ableism, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia. **

“At the 2004 Nationwide Coalition on Police Responsibility conference, a man that identified himself as the former member of the Black Panther Party approached me at the end of the workshop. He or she said that his sibling had been raped by a police officer ‘back inside the day, ’ nevertheless he had never understood what happened to the girl as police brutality until he had heard it presented doing this in the workshop. I asked him just how he and his sibling had described her encounter. He answered, somewhat confused, that it was ‘just something bad that happened. ’ That's exactly what thanked myself for opening his eye as to how their sister’s experience squeeze into the work he had been doing all his existence to challenge state assault against Black people. ”

Chances are, when you listen to the words “police brutality, ” you picture the young black man : armed with only the bag of Skittles or perhaps a cell phone : killed in the roads, either by gunfire or perhaps a Taser or together with an officer’s bare fists: Philando Castile. Eric Get. Sean Bell. Mike Brownish. Trayvon Martin. Tamir Rice. (Although, at just 12 years old, this final could hardly be described as a man, even the young one. ) But black women and females of color – which include disabled women, trans females, and lesbian and bisexual women – also endure from racialized police assault, compounded by gender in addition to other axes of oppression.

Black women activists and scholars – such as Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, in addition to Opal Tometi, the founding fathers of #BlackLivesMatter – possess begun to shift the conversation in recent years. From the #SayHerName hashtag – created in reaction to Sandra Bland’s loss of life while in police custody of the children – to the groundbreaking AAPF report “Black Women Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced, and Underprotected, ” discussion posts of police violence are widening to include dark-colored women, people of shade, people with physical and mental disabilities, LGBTQ and 2 Spirit people, sex staff, children, and more.

Hazel Ritchie’s INVISIBLE NO EVEN MORE: POLICE VIOLENCE AGAINST BLACK WOMEN AND WOMEN OF COLOR is definitely an invaluable contribution to be able to the literature. She discusses a difficult and admittedly wide-ranging topic with interest, insight, and a ton of receipts. Ritchie pinpoints seven sites in which usually black women and females of color are vulnerable to police violence:

2. girlhood, e. g., as schools push to criminalize previously normal juvenile misbehavior, like talking back;

2. disability, such as when police are called to be able to perform a welfare verify on someone who might be in mental distress in addition to whom they are ill-equipped to handle; or when trying to speak with a hard of hearing person;

* sexual assault, including sexual harassment, lovemaking assault, and rape;

2. gender, i. e. when police enforce gender rules in behavior and dress; this can range from hassling women with a more masculine gender presentation to be able to disbelieving rape victims who have been “asking for it” by way of a nonconformity to white beliefs of womanhood;

* intercourse, such as targeting all those engaged in sex work, or perhaps “gender checks” for trans or gender nonconforming individuals;

* motherhood, which runs from police violence in opposition to pregnant women and mothers on one end of the spectrum (thus endangering youngsters and fetuses), to criminalizing the parenting choices of dark-colored women and women of color, many of these people a direct reaction to low income and lack of sources (see, e. g., Laura Browder, a black woman who was arrested following leaving her children at a food court although she interviewed for the job…at the same food court); and

* law enforcement responses to violence in opposition to women, which can paradoxically bring about additional violence in opposition to the victim, including physical assault, sexual assault, in addition to murder.

While each of these chapters could quickly fill its own book (indeed, on the topic of girls, police, in addition to education, I highly recommend Monique W. Morris’s 2016 subject, PUSHOUT: THE CRIMINALIZATION OF BLACK GIRLS IN SCHOOLS), Ritchie skillfully distills every topic into an interesting in addition to informative look at taking care of of racialized and gendered police violence. Each section fits seamlessly with the others; indeed, there will be quite a bit of overlap, and I often found myself nodding at how one thread circled back to touch numerous others. I especially appreciate the girl inclusion of strip in addition to body cavity searches which usually, as state-sanctioned (and inside prisons, required) forms of sexual assault and afeitado, are extremely unsettling.

In addition to problems, Ritchie furthermore examines solutions, with users of various activists in addition to movements that have coalesced around different cases or perhaps sites of police assault. While, according to Ritchie, the ultimate solution lies in dismantling the law enforcement state (although, admittedly, it may be difficult for me to be able to imagine what this might look like), she primarily centers on less radical actions. Specifically, she points to be able to four measures that may have the greatest impact – in no little part because they have been the driving force between increased contact between marginalized communities and the law enforcement: ending the war on drugs, the battle with terror, immigration enforcement by law enforcement, and broken windows policing.

Thoroughly researched and documented, with the perfect marriage of reasoned arguments in addition to righteous anger, INVISIBLE NO LONGER is a must go through – for everyone. By centering solely on black males and men of shade, we miss the numerous ways that police assault manifests in other neighborhoods. INVISIBLE NO MORE will teach you to expand your perspective – in addition to, hopefully, your circle of compassion.


foreword by Mariame Kaba xi

chapter 1 Intro 1
section 2 Enduring Legacies nineteen
chapter 3 Policing Paradigms and Criminalizing Webs 43
chapter 4 Policing Women 70
section 5 Policing (Dis)ability 88
chapter six Police Sexual Violence 104
chapter 7 Policing the Borders of Gender
section 8 Policing Sex a hundred and forty four
chapter being unfaithful Policing Motherhood 165
chapter 10 Law enforcement Responses to Violence 183
chapter 11 Resistance 203
chapter 12 Conclusion 233

afterword by Charlene Carruthers 342
acknowledgments 346
records 352 index

** Complete disclosure: I received a free electronic ARC for overview through Edelweiss, as well as a finished duplicate through Library Thing’s Early Reviewers program. **, This specific is a very good timely book about law enforcement violence against women of color. A lot of the stories advised in Ritchie's book never ever made the news. She points out that often, there aren't even police information since many stops which usually cause violence aren't caught and go unrecorded. The lady also can make it a stage to point out that will violence can include mental abuse and sexual harassment-things that many don't often consider violence. My want is that everyone who cares about issues of racism, justice and police brutality will read this book-black, white, gay, straight, trans or cisgender-these issues really do affect us just about all. This book is the rare one in that will it can be liked by academics and place people alike. Most importantly, Ritchie calls for actual solutions to these issues.

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