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I actually read this book upon the recommendation of my brother after having my car broken into plus stuff stolen too many times. It can short but jam-packed with information about how to hide personal belongings such as cash and jewelry plus bank statements in your current home, car, or on your person. There are likewise chapters approach "hide" cash in secret checking accounts within other states or in Canada. The book is busted into chapters and right now there are subheadings that create it really easy to follow -- it's such as an asset-hider's almanac. He or she also interweaves Q&A coming from clients or readers regarding his blog (jjluna. com), which for me brought up some really interesting things I'd never considered -- just like the fact that a person can travel internationally with airline tickets that could be overturn and redeemed for cash (a method of surreptitiously traveling with large amounts of cash). Some of the information was not relevant to me personally, as I'm unlikely to have private investigators trying to research my vast holdings in hidden bank accounts (ha! ), nevertheless I actually found it interesting to learn this specific stuff all the same. In an age when the Google corporation probably knows read more about me than my personal mother, I guess we all need privacy experts such as Luna to teach us all to get our level of privacy back. Definitely a recommended read if you have ever wanted to squirrel away funds regarding a rainy day -- but don't keep your current copy out on the coffee table lest a person give thieves and law enforcement ideas for where to try to find your deposit.: ), This book goes in to quite a bit regarding detail everywhere from how to handle traffic halts while carrying large quantities of money to opening bank accounts that is to be difficult regarding investigators to find. The writer gives advice that may keep you from raising warning flags as you try to manage your hard earned money in a manner that will keep it hidden and secure from those that may be after it for nefarious, yet quasi-legal reasons.

This book will offer some understanding regarding how private investigators work to uncover assets plus what you can perform for making life difficult regarding them., Using the ever-present snooping of the NSA, IRS and other government and company entities, little remains in our privacy. In this brief ebook, JJ Luna explains why it is required to keep one's cash " hidden", and gives ideas on how to do it. It helped me rethink the way I actually spend cash, and encouraged me personally to become more careful using debit cards for every day time purchases.
This book was money properly spent. Recommended., ANY guide by Jack Luna is worth reading. Some regarding this advice applies to me personally, some of keep in mind that. For example, I can't notice myself opening a secret bank-account in Canada; I actually don't get around a lot. But some of the advice is good; spend with cash wherever achievable, keep some cash hidden for emergencies, how to hide stuff and decrease burglars, etc. It has been definately worth the 4 bucks and alter I invested on it., If you value your current privacy, or are interested in personal financially security.. I actually highly recomend this guide. For that price, you can't go wrong. This book is invaluable because it may force you to consider, take accountability for your current actions, and question the security of your everyday life. Buy this guide in case you even feel vaguely interested in it. You is just not be disappointed., I really enjoyed this ebook by JJ Luna. I use traveled extensively and will put this valuable information to work for me in the days ahead. I recommended this book to everybody who wish to safeguard their money and private assets. What a wonderful present from Father Time Web publishers and Jennifer. Thank a person so much!
Ruth M., The concepts in this book are necessary for your financial success. Money well spent, plus it doesn't matter where you live., Essential reading for all law remaining citizens that want to preserve their precious cost savings and are willing to think about a variety of techniques to do so. Luna has a couple regarding other books that are also well worth your time & $$

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