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*Playing the Enemy* is a wonderful book - moving, touching, filled to loaded with inspiration. This is actually the history of Nelson Mandela's surge to the presidency of South Africa, and the potency of love (and rugby) to unite a nation. We laughed. I cried. When I finished this guide, my heart was stuffed with expect our world. This book was proof, to me, that practically nothing - absolutely nothing - is impossible to Really like.

" Mandela’s weakness was his greatest strength. This individual succeeded because he chose to see good in people who ninety-nine people out of a hundred would have judged to have been over and above redemption... By appealing to and eliciting what was best in them, and in every single white South Photography equipment watching the rugby game that day, he offered them the priceless surprise of making them feel like better people, in some cases changing them into heroes.

" His secret weapon was that he assumed not only that he would like the people he achieved; he assumed also that they would like him. That vast self-confidence of his coupled with that frank confidence he had in others made for a mixture that has been as irresistible as it was disarming. " - from *Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Sport That Made a Nation*

- Karen Molenaar Terrell, author of *Blessings: Adventures of a Madcap Orlando Scientist*, I agree with the other reviewers here concerning this book; it is indeed a "must-read". This specific book is not really a tale of rugby, as later portrayed in the Hollywood movie; it is a story of a country struggling with a massive and long-overdue change in the fabric from the community.

John Carlin tells the story of South Africa through the transition period after Nelson Mandela was freed from prison and racediskrimination ended. Whether you are an expert in this era or a neophyte, Carlin's writing and summary with this time is nothing short of superb. He is able to tell the tale of how South Africa managed a incomprehensibly huge change in its society without combat, which is an outstanding feat. Carlin had proved helpful in S. africa and as such had background knowledge of the country as well as access to the many prominent figures that he interviewed for the book, including Mandela themself.

The role of rugby in this book is as the thread that ties together the characters from all walks of life who appear throughout the story. It does not much resemble the movie in that sense, which relied more heavily on showing the rugby team, games, etc., as the primary driver of the story. The book is far more powerful.

Everybody, and I do imply everyone, should read this book. It truly is well-written, active, emotional, and tells a story that would have been unbelievable if it weren't true. As a side note, the poem "Invictus", for which the movie was titled, brilliantly captures the bravery of Mandela and all of Southern Africa shown in this book.

"It matters not how strait the gateway,
How billed with punishments the browse.
I am the master of my fortune:
I am the captain of my soul. "

Excerpt from Invictus, by William Ernest Henley, I also struggled through the first part of the book with trying to keep straight the parties of the right and the left and what was what and who had been who. I read every word, but I was unsure which side We was reading about. Cherished reading about the charming Mandela. Having been a Godsend of a leader., This specific was an immensely interesting book. I was arriving old when stories out of South Africa were in the news almost daily. I remember this belonging to the first major news tales that I followed as a adult (the energy shift, that is) and I remember being quite mesmerized by it. I'm pleased I was capable to read an insider's undertake the happenings, and wish We hadn't waited 20 years later to do so.

Oddly enough, this is simply not a play-by-play of the rugby games. Exterior of the final game, little details of the action on the message is described, and truthfully, even the final game is not totally descriptive. This guide explores more of the juxtaposition of sporting activities and political turmoil. Related to the 1980 US ALL Olympic Hockey Team. If you are wanting a story about rugby, it will not be your first choice. However, it's an extremely interesting perspective when talking about Apartheid and interesting to see how it utilized as a political tool to unify a country that has been completely divided.

I had created highly recommend this book. It was a great way to explore the personal shift in South Africa in the mid-90's without having to read a book that is written like a news story, newspaper article. The only thing I experienced the book was lacking was a little more history in some of the players on they., The writer raises this question toward the end with this very good book. It's a legitimate one to ask. Mandela assumes on an almost supernatural aura because the action unfolds.

Playing the Foe chronicles the birth of post apartheid South Africa and the unexpected role in this of an legendary sports contest. It follows Mandela from the start of his contacts with government officials while still in prison, through his triumphant release and political election as President. But all this simply provides circumstance for the narrative of a rugby match.

Plus what a match it was.

Mandela understood that before a new country of South Africa could come into being, what was required was the creation of a population of Southern Africans, something that had not existed in the era of the Afrikaners and numerous fragmented tribe groups. He seized on the sport of rugby as the unlikely vehicle to make this happen. Rugby had recently been the exclusive province of the Boer oppressors, and the name and colors of the national team were vilified among the dark population. Mandela's amazing command turned this around, and the sight of dark masses cheering for the Springboks conveyed a powerful message of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Read this guide to replenish your wish in human potential and possibilities.

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