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THE INTUITIVE EATING WORKBOOK re-presents the 10 principles, as discussed in the author’s prior books on this same subject. The difference is, this book is not meant to just present the principles; rather, it is designed to take the reader into functional action. So, this book is much more of a practical, “hands-on” tutorial with tons of surveys, questions and worksheets.

There exists a GREAT DEAL to consider in this book. It will not be a quick read—especially if the principles are new to you. It requires some time to do the assessments--there are a great deal of questions and details. For readers already familiar with the concepts, I think you can just skim the principles, and go directly to the worksheets.

Every chapter covers one principle; here are the ten principles:

Principle One Decline the Diet Mentality
Principle Two Recognize Your Hunger
Principle Three Make Peacefulness with Food
Principle Four Challenge the Food Police
Principle Five Feel Your current Fullness
Basic principle Six Discover the Satisfaction Factor
Basic principle Seven Cope with Your current Feelings without Using Food
Principle Eight Respect Your Body
Principle Nine Exercise: Have the Difference 1
Principle Ten Recognize Your overall health.

Here’s the key theme of the publication: Intuitive Eating means we become more aware, or “attuned” to the information of your body. This particular is natural: “It is an inner journey of discovery that puts you front and center; you are the expert of your own body. ” You count more on your own natural sensations, and less of outside advice or guidance.

Additionally, we try to avoid situations and behaviors which distract us from properly obtaining the natural messages from our body. For example, the sensation of hunger is a natural sensation, which should not be dis-regarded until we get to the point of devouring everything in sight.

Evelyn and Elyse emphasizes multiple times that this is not a weight loss program. The idea is to stabilize your relationship with eating—not focus on weight: “If you focus on weight loss, that preoccupation will interfere with your ability to make choices based on your intuitive signals, and it will place focus on appearance rather than inner knowledge. ”

The authors notice several issues with using weight as an important metric of success. In fact , the writers explain, body mass is a poor indicator of health: “There is yet a serious body of research— based on millions of people, cumulatively— that implies that weight, especially the body mass catalog, is not a good indicator of health. ” The authors cites technological studies backing up this claim. Surprisingly, weight loss via diets actually correlates with WORSE health. “Many people are aware that diets doesn’t work in the long run, but most are astonished to learn that diets actually increases your chance for gaining even more weight. ”

Do not neglect Chapter 2; it astonished me. It has a STUNNING section, “Self-Care and Attunement Disrupters. ” This particular section can help you figure out there how you are looking after yourself. For example, in the “Self-Care Assessment Actual physical, ” one ponders really important regions of your life. For example, amount of sleep: “Do I get enough sleep to feel rested and restored when I wake up. ” What about regular medical and dental checkups? Carry out you allow yourself to take some time off when ill?

The above examples might audio trite, but I think the authors are right on target. This segment can really help a lot of people. I truly appreciated the encouraging ideas in this chapter. For instance , do you “identify comforting activities, ” “make time to play” and “find things which make me laugh? ”

When you complete the “Self-Care Evaluation, ” you see if there is a pattern in your behavior, and brainstorm strategies to increase your self-care. Here are some ideas for increasing self-care: “I will work on regularly getting enough sleeping by getting to your bed, with lights out, by ten thirty. ” On the emotional side, the authors suggest one could “spend thirty minutes comforting when I get home from work. ” Or perhaps maybe, “Decline new you are not selected projects until I complete my current commitment. ” On the spiritual side, one might have a goal of meditating for a few minutes.

Therefore all in all, We found THE INTUITIVE INGESTING WORKBOOK to be a useful guide to the 10 principles, and a terrific source of questions and worksheets to guide me through the process. The questions are practical and clear.

There is a lot to consider in this book, and the ideas are not trivial. I think most viewers will need to spend quite a bit of time thinking through the principles and taking the examination. I would have liked to see “bullet points” summaries at the front or back of each chapter giving the main details. It would make my read easier.

The appendix contains an interesting pair of resource material and address. For example, one could learn how to become “Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. ” Honestly, I had no clue there was such a person. Another appendix includes detailed references supporting the author’s scientific claims.

Enhance Review Copy courtesy of the publisher., Wonderful source to accompany the innovative book!, Great compliment to the book!, Helpful to reinforce the concepts from the book., Wonderful purchase, Satisfied, This is a wonderful companion to the original Intuitive Eating publication!, Again, delivery was more than prompt and the book has truly changed my views on eating. We am so glad for the guidance offered in the exercises to assist me in changing my thoughts and habits regarding food! HIGHLY recommend this!

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